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Bhabani fights her own battle

Updated on August 4, 2016

32 years old Kumari Bhabani Saha is an energetic and committed individual who is determined to demonstrate other persons with disabilities that she is capable of doing anything though she has physical disability. During her 12 years of age, doctors cut her left leg (above knee) due to tumor. From then she became ignored person in the society. But her parents encourages her to continue education. She is the youngest of 7 brother and 2 sister. Now she lives in Rajnagar, Meherpur. She has completed HSC from local college by using a pair of wooden made auxiliary crutch. It was hard for her to walk long distance by crutch as her body becomes heavy and she feels pain in both axilla. “Sometimes local people laughed at me that I am going to college by using crutch. Besides that using local transport especially bus was difficult for me” – Bhabani said.

In 2011 she got leadership training from CDD under a project named ‘PHRPBD’. After getting leadership training from CDD she and some other persons with disabilities of that area formed their own group named ‘Rajnagar Self-Help group’ and she is the president of that group. She had a tremendous impact on raising people’s awareness of the capabilities of persons with disabilities. Now she can easily participate different meeting, workshop and raise the issues in front of government officials and local leaders.

To ensure and increase Bhabani’s participation in various activities of group, the local partner organization (Save the Planet and Disability) SPD contact with (Center for Disability in Development) CDD to arrange a suitable assistive device for her. SPD and CDD team jointly assess her and recommend prosthesis for her. Bhabani’s mobility increases after getting prosthesis from CDD under PHRPBD project. Few days ago she went to local parliament member with other group members and got some commitment from him on disability issue. After leadership training from CDD she got a handsome amount as allowance. With those money and some others from herself she took a small shop in front of her house.

She made herself and her shop as a help center for her group members as well as other persons with disabilities of that locality. Mrs. Morjina (Mother of a 15 years old ID child) said, “Few months my disable child was bitten by a dog and I went to local healer. When Bhabani hear that, she came to me and took my child to district hospital and arrange all of his treatment.” Moreover she regularly communicate with local school committees for enrolment of children with disabilities into those schools. She desires to make her own organization where persons will disabilities will get different services and essential information to claim their rights.

Bhabani with a customer at her shop
Bhabani with a customer at her shop
Continuing daily activity
Continuing daily activity
Continuing daily activity
Continuing daily activity


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