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Bhringaraj Eclipta Alba: Benefits for Health and Hair

Updated on February 27, 2018

Bhringaraj is grown all over India, especially during the monsoon, where ever there are ponds, rivers, lakes and grassland.

It rises to a height of about 1-2 ft. and is easily available fresh and green. Mostly the juice of this plant is used in medicine.


There are three varieties available; yellow, black and white, the black variety being the best but difficult to obtain. Always the fresh juice obtained by crushing is used and the juice should never be heated for internal use.

Affects the tissues:

– Blood

– Bone marrow

– Plasma

Affects the systems:

– Circulatory

– Digestive

– Nervous


– Alterative

– Antipyretic

– Haemostatic

– Laxative

– Nervine

– Rejuvenative

– Tonic

– Vulnerary

– Roots and leaves are cholagogues

– Root is tonic, alterative, emetic and purgative

– Leaf juice is hepatic tonic and deobstruent

Benefits of Bhringaraj (Eclipta Alba)

– This is the main herb for the hair and cirrhosis

– It prevents aging, maintains and rejuvenates hair, teeth, memory, sight and hearing.

– It is a rejuvenative for Pitta, kidneys and liver.

– As oil, it removes greying, balding, makes the hair darker and promotes deep sleep.

– Externally, it draws out poisons and reduces inflammation and swollen glands.

– The root powder is used for hepatitis, enlarged spleen and skin disorders.

– Mixed with salt, it relieves burning urine.

– Mixed with a little oil and applied to the head, it relieves headache.

– Two drops of expressed juice is mixed with eight drops of raw honey and given to new born children with colds and excess mucus.

– Mixed with castor oil, it removes worms.

– Leaf juice boiled in coconut oil makes a hair oil to remove grey hair and balding.

– Bhringraja is hot in action, allays Kapha and Vata and kills worms.

– It is a rejuvenator and blood purifier.

– Used for skin disorders for improvement of teeth and eyesight and disease affecting the head.

– Increases haemoglobin and red blood cells in the body.

– Improves the liver and spleen and cleans up the intestines

The most well-known use of Bhringaraj in many Indian homes is as hair oil prepared from its juice. Usually it is mixed with Brahmi and other ingredients and excellent hair oil is prepared. Regular application of which on the scalp stops falling of the hair, improves eyesight and most important of all darkens the hair.

In ancient times also Kesha Kalpas or hair dyeing preparations were made with Bhringaraja and Loha (Iron) as the main ingredients.

For the diseases known as Indra Lupta (Alopecia areata) where patches of baldness appear in a round form and where hair has been lost due to various reasons. The application of the powder of an elephant’s tusk along with camphor and the juice of bhringaraj on these patches and regular massage will produce a stimulating effect and hair will start growing in the bald region. This is a well tried and effective remedy.

Bhringarajasava is an ayurvedic preparation which increases appetite, improves the digestion, enriches the blood and produces sound sleep. The dose is ½ oz. with and equal quantity of water after principal meals.

The action of the bhringaraj juice is pungent and it is a bit nauseating so it should be used in the right dose.

There are so many preparations of Bhringaraj in the form of Ghee, Oil, Lepa and other formulations described in the ancient texts.


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