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BiPolar Robbery

Updated on November 24, 2011

It's an awful thing when your mind deserts you. Something that you count on for survival that turns on you and creates problems that it is there to protect you from. It's the type of betrayal that is exceptionally hard to deal with, because you never know what form it will take. Will it be a depression that causes your withdrawal from life, or will it be a manic spurt that takes you to a place of immensity that you find hard to fill with the spinning thoughts and actions that are going through your brain at the speed of ninety to nothing.

I've been through both and it's like sitting on a see saw only you are the only one there and you are jumping from one end to the other and nothing ever really happens, or pushing a swing and trying to get in while it's still moving or sliding by yourself with no one there to cheer you on. Bi-Polar is a big game of playing by your self with a twist of the Grimm brothers thrown in for effect.

The whole thing called Bi-Polar is a fancy name for robbery. It takes what should be a wonderful life and turns it into a not very funny joke on you. And if that don't give you a feeling of life interrupted nothing will.


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    • janesix profile image

      janesix 6 years ago

      Yes, it sucks. I feel for you.