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Bicycle Surfboard Carrier Deals

Updated on December 14, 2010

Bicycle Surfboard Carrier

Surfs up now is alot easier with these Bicycle Surfboard Carrier, this is the easiest way to carry your surfboard to the beach. Now you won't have to worry about trying to park your car and paying $20 just to park it. With this carrier it just straps to the side of your bike and allows you to attach your surfboard. The carrier is awesome because it doesn't get in the way of you peddling so your safety isn't a issue. The rack is made from welded aluminum and holds boards up to 10 feet. Which mean it will hold up really any of the boards that you need to take to catch some waves. I love this because I can use it for longboards and shortboards to which means this is a really flexable piece of equipment.

The local shops in many states that I have been to charge around $130-$150 for Bicycle Surfboard Carrier. The Carver Surfboard carrier has multiple 5 star rankings on Google and everyone is amazed at how well it works.

The carriers have a very large field of flexibility when it comes to holding your surfboard. Their are multiple arms that you can adjust to fit your board better before you take to pedaling away.

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