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Binge Eating is and Addiction

Updated on March 23, 2014

Binge-eating is a problem that thousands of people are facing daily, because of their suppression with food. What is Binge -eating?Binge -eating is could be a serious condition that could cause weight gain and other illness if not controlled.

It has been said that most binge eaters are dealing with depression, stress or anxiety. They end up feeling sad and ashamed because they can't control their eating habits.A lot of binge-eaters or have been before and have problems controlling and expression their feeling, because of a low-self esteem Some deals with a low-self-esteem or loneliness.

Binge eating Symptoms:

1. Not being able control how much food you eat.

2.Eating more than you usual do.

3.Eating until you are stuffed.

4. Eating when you are no hungry.

4.Hiding food in secret places.

No one knows the real reason why thousands of people binge eat daily, most of all binge eaters have a history of depression.


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