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Biometric Gun Safe – Protecting your Family and Controlling Access to Your Weapons

Updated on December 9, 2010

Being a responsible gun owner is as much about restricting access to your guns as using them properly. A biometric gun safe represents one of the most secure and convenient forms or storing your gun and other valuables either at home or when you are travelling.

A Biometric gun safe also called a fingerprint gun safe is a safe that you can access with your unique fingerprint. Although this is the most common form of biometrics, other biometric devices may use other unique individual traits like a scan of your retina, face or in some sophisticated examples your DNA. Needless to say that the obvious advantage of using your physical traits and biometrics to control access is that they cannot be lost or copied as easily as other forms of access like a combination or a key.

Where things like passwords and keys can be lost duplicated and stolen it is highly likely that you will forget where you put your fingers or have someone else use them without you knowing. Biometrics is also different from other forms of pattern recognition like voice recognition which focuses on patterns in pitch, rhythm and intonation. These days recording devices are very good and capturing someone’s voice is not too difficult hence the added security of biometrics.

Biometric Gun Safe
Biometric Gun Safe

How Much is a Biometric Gun Safe?

You can expect to pay from $200 for a small portable safe right through to $5000 for a large biometric safe that you might see at an armoury or police station. These larger versions will comfortably fit several large rifles and small arms along with a host of your other valuables. As with anything the cost is not the only determining factor as many people will have different uses for their safes beyond storing their guns. Some of the additional features are covered below and you may find that you can get by comfortably with a basic model. There are some good biometric safe manufacturers online that will deliver direct. This is important as the larger safes can weigh in excess of 1500 pounds. 

Preventing Injuries

You don’t need to look very hard to find countless instances of accidental deaths and school shootings as a result of easy access to firearms and restricting your family and intruder’s access to your guns will do a lot to create a safer environment for you and the community. You can leave your guns and ammunition at home safe in the knowledge that they will remain secure in your safe and out of the wrong hands.

Having a dedicated storage space for your guns means that your children will not mistake them for toys as the safe is no toy box. The additional benefit of the safe is time, having all of your guns in a safe place means that you will have extra time to make better decisions. Should you get into a particularly heated argument which may have the potential to end badly the safe will stop others from going after your weapons and you from rushing into anything dangerous.

Should you be forced into opening the safe by an intruder then you can use a different finger or hand to trigger the safe to shut down temporarily. This should give you enough time for help to arrive or at the very least to force a change of plans for the intruders.

Portable Safes

One of the most difficult times to secure access to your gun is when you are travelling or need to transport your gun from place to place for example law enforcement officers who keep firearms in their vehicles. The Biometric safes can handle this situation effectively with smaller portable safes that can double as a portable safety deposit box.

Portable Biometric Safes can be as small as a shoe box and is equipped with a padded lining to prevent your gun from moving about inside and reducing the possibility of an accidental discharge. You can buy a good portable safe for as little as $200.


Not all safes are perfect and using a biometric gun safe does have some drawbacks. Because the system relies on electricity to power the fingerprint reader the safe does require power by way of batteries. There are contingencies depending on the model should the battery run out. Backup batteries are generally standard and will keep the safe operational in the event of a fire or till you can replace them.

Depending on how you see it another disadvantage according to some is that the safe can be used by multiple people. Of course the owner needs to grant access and save the other fingerprints to the safes memory. This feature can be useful in an emergency but is equally likely to compromise the security of the safe should the other person open it without your consent or be forced to.

Extra Features

Extra care needs to be taken when storing your weapon as opposed to your other valuables and there are some additional features that you may want to consider depending on what and how many weapons you want to keep in the safe.  Aside from the fingerprint reader itself your safe can have additional levels of protection depending on the manufacturer.

Fire Protection

Better safes will be made from heat and fire resistant steel. This will save the contents in the event of a fire or if someone takes to the safe with a cutting tool or welder. Fire resistant safes are particularly important for gun safes as any excess heat could accidentally discharge the weapon or your ammunition stores.

Flood Protection

Having your gun stored in an air tight safe will preserve the contents in prime working condition for longer. Water can quickly damage your guns and any water inside your gun either as the result of flooding or moisture condensation can damage your gun or cause a catastrophic failure if fired with water still inside.

Biometric Gun Safe
Biometric Gun Safe

Shock Proof

Again having a shock proof safe is about keeping your weapon from getting damaged and also your ammunition from discharging accidentally this is particularly important for the portable safes and those in security vehicles.

Regardless of what version or brand that you choose to buy, take the time to compare and test the claims that the manufacturer makes about their security. Your Biometric gun safe is not a substitute for your own care and attention when storing these weapons and educating your family about the potential harm that they can cause though they will go a very long way to preventing accidents and help you be a responsible gun owner.


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    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Great idea. GBY.

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      Knowledge Ninja 7 years ago

      Glad you found the hub helpful :)

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      jdavis88 7 years ago from Twitter @jdavis88hub

      Great and informative hub! This is an item I am currently looking to buy, thanks for the info!