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Biotin: For Hair Growth, Youthful Skin, and Strong Nails

Updated on April 5, 2014

The Problem: Damaged Hair, Brittle Nails, and Aging Skin

 Is it possible to hit three birds with one stone? With Biotin, the answer is clearly YES.

According to a study at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Pensylvania, where nearly 900 men and women participated in study taking two milligrams of Biotin daily. The results were fairly astonishing. Approximately 87% of the participants were determined to have significant improvements in increased hair healthy hair growth (healthy being the keyword), stronger nails, and increased luster to skin.

Biotin, which is an essential nutrient in the ability for humans to effectively process fats, was isolated as the variable that led to the improvements in healthier hair, skin, and nails. In other words, taking biotin daily led to significant improvements in the three areas of study.

Biotin is an important member of the Vitamin Complex of B vitamins which is rarely used as a supplement, together with it’s Vitamin B2, B6, and B12 cousins. Essential minerals are also important for the proper absorption of Biotin.

But Why Take Biotin as a Supplement?

Unfortunately, in our diet, Biotin is destroyed by certain food processing techniques such as canning or curing – that sometimes we can be completely deficient in the important vitamin. As with other processing of foods, Biotin is one of those vitamins that ends up on the food processor's floor.

It can be assumed from the two scientific studies that men and women who have very dry skin or discolored skin spots, thin and easily broken nails, and dry and damage hair would benefit tremendously from taking Biotin in a supplement form – either through capsule or other means.

If you took Biotin, along with other essential nutrients that help absorb biotin into your blood stream, you will begin to notice stronger, less brittle nails, longer healthy hair that grows faster and more vibrant skin. But be careful not to take vitamin alone – you should take it with a special formula of other Vitamin B vitamins and other minerals. The complex formula will allow for proper absorption into the body.

People who suffer from dry cracked skin, brittle thin nails, and dry, coarse, and lifeless hair would benefit from a complex supplement that contains not just biotin, but the entire B-complex family of vitamins. There are amazing amounts of benefits that come from taking biotin because it adds an important nutrient to hair, nail, and skin production. It’s like having oil in your car – sure your car will run, but it will soon breakdown if it doesn’t have oil. Likewise, biotin, an essential vitamin that many of us in America, Canada, and Western Europe often lack in sufficient amounts to provide normal, healthy production of hair, skin, and nails.

Naturally Tease Your Hair

Biotin Can Help Heal, Nourish and Grow Your Hair

Biotin is a nourishing vitamin but it is also one of the most important antioxidants that we can take as well. At the cellular level biotin works wonders – getting rid of toxins and harmful gases that lead to cellular damage and death. A healthy cell has more than enough biotin to help expel those natural toxins and toxins that we expose them too.

Natural sources of inflammation include sun exposure, wind exposure, and pollution. Toxins can also come from cigarette smoke, pollution, alcohol consumption, illness, and the like.

Therefore Hair Vitamins with biotin can help to replenish your supply, which in turn help to heal, restore, and maximize your hair growth and skin cell regeneration. Since biotin is a water soluble vitamin it needs to be constantly replenished by your diet – every day. Vitamins like Alpha Renew are excellent because they give your hair and body what it needs to grow faster, stronger, and more beautiful hair.


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