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What type of Birth Control is Best for you?

Updated on December 1, 2015

After you have taken the test, read the recommendations that the site lists for you, based on your answers. How do you feel about what you learned? Do any of the answers surprise you? Do you have any concerns about the information? Do you think the suggested options would work for you, based on your value system?

After taking the quiz the site recommended IUD’s and birth control pills for me based on my quiz results. I was surprised about a lot of what I learned from this week’s reading and from the quiz. Prior to this week I did not know about many of the birth control options discussed. I have never really thought about birth control that much because when I was younger I was put on the birth control to help me with inconsistent periods and I have simply remained on it because I like the consistency and the ability to only have four periods a year. I was surprised at the suggestion of an IUD as a birth control method for me.

IUD stands for intrauterine device, it is a T shaped device that is a bit bigger than a quarter; the IUD is surgically inserted inside the uterus (IUD Long-Term Birth Control, n.d.). An IUD prevents pregnancy from occurring by stopping sperm from reaching and fertilizing eggs (IUD Long-Term Birth Control, n.d.). I personally would not currently consider using as IUD because I would not want to have a surgical procedure done for birth control. I would also be afraid of the risks that come from using an IUD; an IUD can cause cramps, bleeding, pelvic inflammatory disease, period changes, and it could cause a hole to be torn in the uterus (Hales, 2013, p. 307).

While I can understand why people would choose to have an IUD surgically inserted that sort of procedure is just not for me. The information I read about the risk of having an IUD far outweighed any of the benefits. I do not have a value system in relation to birth control methods, but I am currently using the pill (which was one of the quiz’s suggestions for me) and I am happy with it. The birth control pill that I am on does not have any adverse effects on me and I am happy with the benefits it provides me with. I plan to stick with the pill as my birth control method for the foreseeable future.


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