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Bitter Orange: A Cornerstone for Good Eating Habits

Updated on July 28, 2020

What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about fruits? They're mostly sweet, sometimes sour, they taste their best when they're fully ripe. And they have a ton of health benefits. Plus put'em all together in a fruit salad that's basically the formula for a good afternoon.

So, when you hear the term "Bitter Oranges" the first thought that'll probably come to your mind is "Why would I willingly subject myself to such torture?"

But what if I were to tell you that despite it's unpleasant taste, it might be just what we need to start the day?

Why Bitter Oranges?

We all have heard the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but in reality a bitter orange is the fruit that keeps us full of the nutrients essential for the health stability of the vital organs in our body. In fact, its peel is so advantageous having pro-vitamins and calcium being a bonus in the fruit. It is frankly used in ointments for skin care purposes as well.

Oranges are quite common, we can find them in a number of diversities. But the one useful to us is the small premature one whose hide is rather much irregular than usual. A bitter orange is the perfect energy packet for the people on diets due to its emaciating properties, and is a complete food course containing extraordinary supplements like antioxidants and vitamin C.

So in today's article, i'll be telling you some pros of this remarkable fruit and encourage health awareness as it's quite important for everyone:

Health Benefits of Bitter Oranges

The advantages of a bitter orange are in abundance and most of them are in the cosmetic industry due to their excess use in products like fragrances and ointments etc. Fruits are mostly found in the most important place of a household that is the kitchen. Where they are used in sweet dishes that gives them a unique scent and relish. The bitter orange is most popular for its bombastic combination with chocolate which feels and tastes like heaven itself.

If one would start the use of the bitter orange on daily basis he/she will experience the following advantages:

1. Metabolism Booster

One major Plus point about Bitter oranges is that

This peculiar fruit is rich in an alkaloid called “Synephrine”, which has astonishing metabolism-uplifting effects. So, adding one or two of these o your daily diet could have promising benefits on your body's metabolism.

2. Weight Loss

For those of you looking to drop some weight, the high Vitamin C level and high metabolic properties of this fruit helps us lose weight at an exceptional speed. All in all, bitter oranges are pretty useful for anyone suffering from obesity.

3. Stabilizes Your Blood Pressure

Bitter oranges help in stabilizing blood pressure. They also contain a high amount of minerals and are known to help patients suffering from low blood sugar.

4. Indigestion

Here's a not-so-fun problem we've all had from time to time. Indigestion!

As it turns out, Bitter oranges are good for metabolic processes such as digesting food. They help our liver produce more enzymes needed for the proper digestion of our food so that we do not suffer from stomach aches later on.

So, the next time you have a bad stomach ache, try out this fruit to see if it helps.


Since, bitter oranges are such helpful fruit and carry all these health benefits, maybe the idea of consuming them daily or at least making them an essential part of our diet plan doesn't sound too bad all things considered.

It has all the main qualities as well as delicacies needed for our taste buds and digestive system to enjoy. Plus there aren't any disadvantages in eating the fruit making it safe for beings of all ages as it replenishes our organs internally.

All in all, whether it be bitter oranges, or any other fruit or vegetable I think what's most important is that people should be aware of the things that are damaging for their health and they should also be learn how to defend themselves against these serious health problems (especially in these troubling times).


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