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Bittersweet Revenge

Updated on March 18, 2012

The Flames Of Fury

Have you reached the point of seeing past good reason? Tired of waiting for karma to come around and kick there ass? Most importantly SICK AND TIRED OF BEING THE ONLY ONE HURTING? Well if you been their you know what i'm talking about. Yes sure, we all want to be angels. We all want to do the right thing. But sometimes that temptation just becomes to great and feels to delicious to ignore! Yes i'm doing this blog to explore those feelings and look at them just for the way they really are. Anyways i will (yes this maybe wrong of me) expose some of the sweetest revenge plans and successes with you. I am in no way saying resort to self help such as this but i am saying 'what was good goes bad if left out to burn in the sun too long.' If your feeling this bittersweet taste of revenge read on...

Fool Me Once Shame on you, Fool me twice I slap you!

Okay first lets look at some of the emotions that promote the feelings of revenge. The main one being repressed anger. This is the bullet in the gun, because this type of anger never gets to be dealt with it just gets fired at people. The second is sadness, or heart ache, this is trigger of the gun. Once its pushed back its deadly. The third is jealously, this is without a doubt the brains of the operation. Jealously can have different levels, such as someone can be jealous of how you moved on, or how you can turn away without looking back, or that you have so many people to lean on you can just erase them. Pride is the fourth, the hands that hold the gun and fire it. When you crush someone's pride so bad they make what is called false pride which is more deadly then the starter because this one usual has extreme expectations. Lastly, will. Yes the will is what pushes the legs and body to the crime. Combine all these and you have the best damn bittersweet revenge cocktail you ever seen! I PROMISE YOU.

It's only revenge if you get caught ;)

So here is my best, hands down, revenge ploys that won't physically get anyone killed or harmed in anyway.

PLOY #1: BAD GIRLS. So here is how you set this up. For the use of these ploys i will use the word "he" but it really doesn't matter it works flawless. So you gather up a secret number of girls that you normally wouldn't talk too. (you know the slutty ones) Then have her sleep with him but here is the sweet part have her tell him she has HIV after. Have her break down crying (the whole nine yards) then obviously pay her for service well done. He will be so freaked out, stressed out because one blood test might not show it, so he won't know. HIGH FIVE GOT'EM SUCKER. See how many hoes he sleeps with after that? LOL. Do make sure the chick is clean though you don't really wanna give him anything. :)

PLOY #2: SILENT SLAPS. So for this one you will need trust worthy guy friends that he may or may not know. This works best if you was known for giving him everything i.e. the wifey type. So you have them plan a night out with your ex, not telling him your going to be there. You should let him arrive a little bit before you. Not too much though. Then when you get there have a few drinks and act like the wild, crazy, drunk chick, giving his buddy a lap dance. Then if you really want to set off the fire, plan to go upstairs or somewhere private with him for 1 hr. You don't have to really screw him, make sure he knows the deal, then watch how fast that cool head turns to steam. Just him knowing you NEVER got that wild for him in public will have his blood boiling.

Ploy #3: THE KISS. This is last most successful one. Its my favorite. To do this you need to have a lot of confidence. So lets for this case, he left you because he was bored and wanted someone else. Well buy a very sexy outfit, i mean let them girls out some, make sure the back of that skirt has lift and the heels click. Then have a friend of yours, a female in this case, come out with you. Go to a place you know he goes to a lot, even if he is not their he will hear about it from locals, or see photos. Then you and your sexy friend go crazy for each other. Making all the guys look. Kissing her, rubbing her breasts, all of that good flirty stuff. Take pictures together. The ask someone he knows to take a sexy photo of the two of you kissing. Let them keep the photo. If your not into same sex mating that's okay, my thing is fake it until you make him jealous. Don't be scared of what people think, hey that boring factor is part of the reason he left. So make him regret that he didn't wait around long enough to see you toss reason to the side and have fun. :)


In closing, i am saying that self help is wrong. Revenge is wrong. You probably will get a slip that sends you to suffer a bit when karma comes back. Although, it does leave you feeling happy. That instant knowing you got them feeling sorry. Revenge is always bittersweet, just how i like my wine after a long trip from hell. So make your own choices, and fyi these tips are just the top ones i use I have more. Remember heart break is serious you can deal it many ways but here I'm talking if that person you really need to give it to them. Always use extra care and be aware of the side effects (karma) before resorting to revenge. Thanks for reading please leave a comment if you like.


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