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Weird Mental Disorders

Updated on February 15, 2013
Some mental disorders can be the cause of much stress.
Some mental disorders can be the cause of much stress. | Source

The brain is a very intricate organ that amazes us every day with its capacities. However, there are some conditions that don’t allow the brain to work how it should, sometimes causing the brain’s owner to have super abilities, and other times, severely handicapping the person. Let’s look at a few weird mental disorders.


This condition is characterized by extreme retention. The person may remember in detail useless data, such as complete calendars, or complete pages of the phonebook. Hypermnesia is usually present in individuals with autism known as “idiot savants”. The term describes a person who can perform very complex tasks, such as intricate calculations and memorization of long documents, but cannot perform common, daily tasks, such as buttoning up a shirt.


A traumatic event triggers unexpected episodes in which the patient returns to the past, and manifests the same reactions that were displayed at the time of the traumatic incident, such as an accident or rape.

Paramnesia (False Memory Syndrome)

This condition is responsible for “false memories”, in which the person remembers experiencing something that never happened. False memories can occur spontaneously, or they may be induced by someone else. People experiencing this condition may remember being abducted by aliens, or even living a past life. In other cases, a person may remember being raped as a child, even if the incident never took place, as in the case of Beth Rutherford.


This is a French expression that means “already seen.” People experiencing this condition have a feeling that something new (a place, a person, or a situation) has already been experienced in the past. Its counterpart, jamais-vu, consists in identifying as new something already known.


Amnesia tied to the facts obtained through the senses. The patient may not be able to recognize an object, a face, a song, or even a language. The most famous case of this condition is that of Oliver Sacks, who mistook his wife for a hat. This condition is usually associated with brain injury or neurological illness.

Mental disorders abound, and it seems as if every day science is discovering a new weird mental disorder. Let's hope some of these disorders will give us superhero abilities...


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