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Medicinal use of black wood (shisham )

Updated on July 18, 2014

Black wood (shisham or sissoo):-
is used in the construction of houses and furniture. they are the natural vegetation found in the Indian subcontinent, oil extracted from the wood and seeds has its medicinal use.

The cures from the shisham:- Black wood is bitter, sticky, astringent,reduces swelling and
has warming power and causes abortion. Black wood cures white leprosy,vomiting, worms, diarrhea, ulcer inflammation,blood disorder, swelling, cough and hiccups

Medicinal uses

  • Juice of leaves mixed with honey gives relief to painful eyes.Swelling in the breasts and be cured if the leaves are warmed and tied on the swollen
  • breasts and the decoction of the leaves is consumed it removes the swelling.
  • Acidity and burning sensation could be treated with 10-15ml juice of shisam leaves it reduces the problem instantly.
  • 10-15ml juice of shisham leaves if taken every morning and evening it helps to control jaundice
  • It also helps in eliminating pus in urine and in case of painful urination 50-100ml
  • decoction of the leaves taken thrice a day is helpful.
  • In case of Leukorrhea 10-15 ml juice of the leaves is useful(even if it is bloody in nature)
  • Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection it can be checked by giving 3-6gm powdered bark or decoction of the leaves .
  • Sissoo oil is also helps in skin ailments,such as blue itching, burning on the skin, and scabies.
  • For Leprosy make a decoction of 10gm sissoo bark with 500gm of water ,boil till the liquid reduces to half. and have it for forty days every morning it works wonders .
  • Pimples and boils could also be cured if the decocdation of the shisham bark is consumed and the paste of the bark is applied on the pimples and boils .
  • Thus we may conclude that herbs have magical power ,its only that we need to explore them and put them in use to cure the millions .its like reaping the benefit of the ripe fruit.


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