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Blast Your Body At Home With Resistance Bands.

Updated on January 11, 2012
This workout is tough!
This workout is tough! | Source

Resistance Band Videos

Weight Lifting Without Weights.

I've been working out with weights for most of my life. Free weights at least in my mind were the way to go. They offered the most bang for the buck in versitility and variety of use. Or so I thought.

I'd grown up looking at resistance bands as something the petite fitness ladies did on the television. The light, high repetition workouts were for the girls I though and I never took them seriously until.....

The P90x craze hit the fitness scene and I jumped on the band wagon and for good reason. That workout program worked and it worked for hundreds of thousand of folks because of the way they approached the weight training aspect of the program. The creators saw the effectiveness of resistance bands and how they could dramatically increase the intensity of a resistance workout quickly.

So I tried a workout using only resistance bands and let me tell you. The speed with which the muscle burn started occurring was almost instantaneous. Impressed was not the words I would describe that workout. Blown away is more like it.

You see, the resistance bands work your muscles a little differently than regular weights in that the bands level of resistance stays constant throughout the pull of the band, it doesn't rely on gravity alone to provide the opposing force.

You also tend to pay attention to your form and the present moment just a bit more when performing the exercises. Think about it, if your working out your legs doing squats with a think band, your not going to want to let it slip out from underneath your feet. The snap to your hand would smart pretty good!

Another plus is that you can very quickly switch from one exercise to the other in rapid fashion which is perfect for when you want to use resistance training to ramp up your heart rate for a cardio pounding routine.

You want to stay in shape on the road? Perfect. I don't know about you but the thought of hauling around weights in a carry on is not my idea of fun. Sure, most travelers opt to use the hotel gym when on the road but come on, have you seen some of these so called gyms? Yeah, one multiple exercise cable weight machine, one treadmill and one a broom closet. OK I exaggerate but for many hotels, the gym is an afterthought. Bringing a bag of resistance bands along on your trip and in the comfort and space of your room, you can blast your body without a stranger in that broom closet giving you dirty looks.

Price. For me this was the deciding factor in my decision to own resistance bands. In order for me to get a great workout and home I needed some form of resistance and at $1.50 to $2.00 a pound for weight lifting plates of various sizes, not to mention the Olympic bar that goes along with it, that added up to about $500 for a bar and 300lbs worth of weight. Oh and that wasn't including shipping costs. Don't even ask how much that was! I would be better off just using that money for gas to drive to a gym and a membership.

So if you think you can't build muscle or shred fat using resistance bands don't take my word for it, try them yourself the little fitness ladies and I will be over here in the corner watching you get into the best shape of your life.

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