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Blind Cords Cause Rope Burn – Danger For Young Children

Updated on May 13, 2013
Blind Cords Cause Rope Burn – Danger For Young Children
Blind Cords Cause Rope Burn – Danger For Young Children | Source

Recently a Facebook page posted a story of a three and a half year old boy playing alone in his room. The boy was playing with the cords on a vertical blind, when he slipped and they tangled, pulling against his neck as he fell. The parents posted an image of the resulting red double burn marks on the boy’s neck.

Your home should be a place where your children are safe and protected at all times. Unfortunately though there are many hidden dangers.

The cords and chains of our blinds and curtains can pose a very real serious risk.

Is This a Hoax?

As far as we can tell, this is NOT a hoax.

However it is important to remember that nearly any household object can cause danger if fallen on or involved in an accident.

This is an important reminder that it only takes one slip or a few minutes alone (or even under supervision) for a child to do serious injury to themselves.

Please Read This If You Have Small Children. It Could Save Their Lives Today!

Blind Cords Can Take Lives

Blind Cords Cause Neck Rope Burn - Serious Danger For Young Children
Blind Cords Cause Neck Rope Burn - Serious Danger For Young Children | Source

An Important Reminder

This may be common sense to many however for this family they learnt a valuable lesson today. Use this as a means to protecting your young family right now!

Make sure that every single blind cord in your house is completely out of reach. Up high, out of the way. Not accessible by a child on a chair, on a bed, on a couch or on a table.

Please share. This could save a life.

How To Correctly Install Blinds

When installing blinds, make sure they are not near beds, cots and furniture. Choose, where possible, blinds that do not have cords or chains.

  • Make sure your blinds meet the safety standards
  • Check to see if there are any warning notices on the blind
  • Make sure the blind includes a safety device for keeping the cord out of the reach
  • Have them professionally fitted where in doubt

How Can I Protect Against Blind Cord Accidents?

To prevent cords from endangering young children:

  • Cords and anything else that can present a choking hazard should be kept away from children, or used under supervision only.
  • Teach children that these types of objects are not to be played with. When they are playing with toys that involve ropes or cords, teach them that they need to be used in one way, and should never be placed around the neck, or tied.
  • Dangerous cords can include ropes, scarves, skipping ropes, ribbon, strings, hat cords and curtain sashes.
  • Always loop up any cords on blinds or curtains (that can’t be removed) out of reach of children.
  • Move furniture, chairs, tables and other item away so that they cannot be climbed on.

Example Of A Safety Tag On Blind Cords
Example Of A Safety Tag On Blind Cords

A Word Of Caution

Children are inquisitive and do not understand consequences to everything in life. They experiment and they have accidents. Most are small, insignificant events that teach us all lessons.

Let this major serious event be the lesson we all need to hear about today and learn today.

You can't predict what will happen all the time and you cannot be everywhere all the time but you can do your best to make the environment safe for everyone.

A word of caution

These tips should help to protect your child from possible serious harm however be aware that not all risks can be eliminated.

Reduce The Blind And Curtain Cord Hazard

Awareness is the key to saving young innocent lives.

When we renovate our homes, move house or are just frantically living our lives, blind cord safety can be easily.

The truth though is that a child’s life is 100% avoidable.

Many countries have legislation in place hefty fines and possible court action for failure to comply with safety standards of blind installation and manufacture.

Where possible, purchase blinds that have a safety device that removes any slack from the cord. In addition it fixes it to a height unreachable by small children.

Parent, carers and family members can also play their part to ensure safety is maintained.

  • Cots, toddler beds, tables, desks, baby change tables and chairs need to be away from window blind cords.
  • Any extra cord length must be rolled up, or bundled into a safety device that can be attached to a wall and only reachable by adults.

Where in doubt, families can request for a safety check to be carried out on existing blinds, and where new installations are to be made, make sure that the supplier and fitter has the correct safety.

We all know that there should never be a moment when a child’s life is compromised, so as soon as you can, check yours.

If you have older children in the home that may be able to reach the cords, make sure you educate them about the safety so that they can return excess cord to a safe place and out of reach of their younger siblings.


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    • Glimmer Twin Fan profile image

      Claudia Mitchell 

      5 years ago

      This is a useful hub. My daughter never choked on one, but she did wrap it around her wrist and got a rope burn that way. It was not that bad, but she never played with the ropes again.

    • peachpurple profile image


      5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Very good hub. Every parent who has a or several blind cords at home should read this hub. Luckily i don't buy this stuff. Blind cord string is very tight , long and strong enough to strangle any toddler or young kids if left unattended. Kids love to play with window blinders because they think it is fun. Adults should take precaution. Voted useful and up


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