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Blindness Symptoms

Updated on February 25, 2016

Eyes form one of the most major organs in the human body. Any disturbance to them can cause partial or total blindness. It is imperative to take ample steps to protect them. Eye blindness can create problems by affecting his/her daily routine life.

Night blindness

Eyes of a human being may be suffering from “Night blindness” which is otherwise termed as Nyctalopia. If anyone feels difficult to see during nights or in dim lights, he is considered to be suffering from Nyctalopia. When rod cells which are imperative for vision are affected by a disorder, night blindness symptoms occur. An injury in the eyes, improper nutrient content or other deficiencies may cause this disorder. In certain cases, it can be genetic.

Causes of Night blindness

  • When the rod cells are unable to respond to the light, gradually progressive Nyctalopia results, otherwise called as ‘retinitis pigmentosa’ leading to ‘Optic Atrophy‘. Occasionally, day vision also gets impaired.
  • Night blindness is considered a case of genetic disorder, when the problem originates from birth. In such cases, the function of rod cells will be very much limited. This condition may continue for a long period and is called “X linked congenital stationary night blindness”.
  • People in less-developed countries are prone to suffer form night blindness due to Vitamin A deficiency.

Night blindness symptoms

  • Impairment of night vision or poor light vision or in darkness during daytime
  • Eyes being dry or having blurred vision
  • Reduction on contrast vision. Those who walk alongside cannot be identified in dim light
  • When seeing television programs or reading continuously, eyes get tired

Blindness Symptoms

Blindness Symptoms
Blindness Symptoms | Source

Color Blindness

When someone is not able to differentiate between certain colors, it is known as color blindness. It is a hereditary phenomenon. It is not so known and is a rare occurrence. Percentage of color blindness in women is less than that seen in men.

There are two major Types of Color blindness.

  • Total blindness
  • Partial blindness

The inability to distinguish between red and green colors is a prevalent disorder.

Causes of Color blindness

Color blindness is passed from one generation to the following generation. Due to the presence of cones in our eyes, colors are distinguished. If one out of three cones is absent or fails to function properly, color blindness occurs. As these deformities are present form the date of birth, they cannot be cured. Color blindness can happen due to injury or aging. Sometimes, due to side effects of certain drugs and medications, color blindness can occur.

Color blindness symptoms

If a person suffers from partial color blindness, he cannot differentiate between the red and green colors or the blue and yellow colors. Sometimes, the person cannot differentiate between the shades of any particular color. But, those who are suffering from total color blindness cannot see colors other than black, white and grey. One of the important color blindness symptoms is the inability to see the brightness of colors.

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