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Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator for your Smartphone

Updated on January 8, 2012

Estimating your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) has never been easier with the AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker App for your Android smartphone. With the tightening of DUI laws, it's important to understand your blood alcohol level and went you are over the limit to drive. Enter your sex, weight, alcoholic drinks, and when the drinks are consumed. The app displays your BAC as well as a estimated timeline of when it'll return to zero. You can track your drinking habits along with the cost. You can even post your BAC on facebook directly from this app.

Remember that there are a variety of factors that can effect your BAC such as your body's physiology. The accuracy of the calculator depends on your ability to accurately record what you drank. It can be difficult to tell how much alcohol a bartender puts into a drink. With this said, AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker App should be used as a reference. It should not be used to determine your ability to work, drive, or perform any other task or duty. When in doubt, don't drive.


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