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Blood Pressure Meter

Updated on December 31, 2011

What To Look For In A Blood Pressure Meter

A blood pressure meter, more commonly known as a blood pressure monitor, is vital for anyone with high blood pressure. According to the American Heart Association, over 74.5 million adult Americans have high blood pressure. That's about 1 in 3 adults!

Don't leave your health up to chance. Take actions to prevent high blood pressure so it doesn't turn into any further complications. Through regular use of a blood pressure meter, you can keep track of your status and determine how to help prevent or reduce your risks.

Don't Want to Buy a Blood Pressure Meter?

Various stores, especially ones with pharmacies, often have blood pressure meter machinesyou can use whenever you like. In addition, you can regularly visit a doctor for a checkup. If you do not have the ability to visit a pharmacy or doctor often enough to truly regulate your health, then you might want to consider getting your own blood pressure meter.

How Often Should I Use My Blood Pressure Meter?

How often you record your blood pressure is up to you. If you're relying on pharmacies and doctors, it might be every other month. If you have have your own blood pressure meter, you can - and should - do it more often. A monthly record would be sufficient for many, but anyone who has a history of high blood pressure or has been warned previously for high blood pressure should consider doing it on a daily basis.

What To Look For in a Blood Pressure Meter

Ease of Use

The ideal blood pressure meter is easy to use, easy to read, and may provide extra features for further ease. Some such features might be speaking the readings to you, and stethoscopes so you can also monitor your heart rate.


Knowledge is power and knowing your blood pressure meter gives you the right readings is more than just power - it's safety. Ask your doctor for a recommendation or take your new blood pressure meter for a test reading to compare it to a doctor's official reading.


You may want to take readings multiple times a day if you want to see how your blood pressure is affected by different activities. An efficient blood pressure meter should be usable not only at home, but also anywhere. Surely you don't want to buy both a home meter and a travel meter for your vacations?


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