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Updated on December 22, 2010

Treatment Cocktails.

Initially can I thank all who have contacted me to express their thanks for HAD/14 which dealt with the differences between Hodgkin's and Non Hodgkin's disease. Like previously, it seems a lot know ABOUT them but not the differences, so the Hub has played a part in not only educating me but clearing up things for others as well.

As advised also on that Hub was the fact that, for me two days, prior to Christmas packed in a veritable chest of interrelated treatments. The collision of appointments has drawbacks and benefits, chief of which was leaving then the whole Festive period clear of Hospital trips and additional treatments.The list was: Blood Test, Urology, Lumbar Puncture, PET/CT Scan! 

Tuesday saw the pre-lumbar blood test. I have had so many of those now they are standard and I think in the Spring I will apply to be a Gardener"s Assistant. He could plug a hose in me and have me as a mobile lawn sprinkler as I have so many needle holes in me now!

Subsequently my initial visit to Urology took place to tackle the Poly urea problem. This was little problem in itself,, involving a Pee sample, form filling and a 10 minute consultation with the Consultant followed by the seemingly obligatory duty they have to cover you with K Y Jelly and insert a finger up the rectum. I tell all who do this to do tell me if they ever find a prostate on their searches as for sure no one has yet told me anything as a result of their actions!

The upshot of the consultation was a box of pills and instructions to take one nightly, see what the effects are and return in February, by which time also, Chemo may also be at an end.. Last night loo visits dropped from 4 to 3 so we cross our fingers and wait to see as the days and nights progress.

Wednesday was the bigger of the two days with the Lumbar Puncture Intrathecal injection in the morning and PET/CT Scan in late afternoon. This meant nothing to eat or drink save water from 8.30 am till after the Scan. This concluded around 6.15pm. A longtime that but fortunately having passed 13 stones again, I can carry it easily now.

The Lumbar was even less painful than before, glad to report, with no discomfort at all, even with the local anaesthetic entry. They also attempted to draw off more spinal fluid this time, as this assists in blocking the headache factor which hit me 2 days later last time. However, though they did this they told me I have only a small flow of fluid compared to others, so not much dripped out. I do not know if being a small drip is better than a big drip but maybe I shall find out. At least this time, Paracetamol tablets have been prescribed and provided in case of a banging head.

The PET/CT Scan being my third is now standard procedure, though I still keep my eyes closed for the duration in the enclosed doughnut chamber to allay my natural claustrophobia fears and am glad when all is concluded. With luck that may be my last scan completed now. I will return to this on a future Hub as there is a difference between PET/CT SCAN AND CT SCAN which I will report on once I am sure of what the differences are. A bit like the Hodgkin's thing ,we know about them, but not always absolutely.

So, the path to Festivity opens clearly for me now. At the start of all this one wondered just what would be the position this far down the line from July. Whatever I thought then in optimistic terms has been exceeded and I count myself both lucky and fortunate all round to feel as fully fit as In do today, thanks to all the treatment and support from all sides I have received during the nightmare times. Again there is no place for complacency yet, but just feeling good again will do for the time being until the hoped for confirmation hopefully arrives.


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