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Blowing the Whistle on Grocery Shopping

Updated on June 1, 2013

Who doesn't do the grocery? I love going to the grocery just like everybody else. But did you know that there is a right way to do supermarket shopping? Dr. Oz gave us insights together with Food Safety Inspector Roy Costa on how to shop for the right kind of produce, meat, and dairy. This article will change the way people would grocery shop. This article will blow the lid off on some supermarkets' secrets we haven't heard of until now.

We all shop for eggs. Most of us buy a dozen eggs for one week. Some consumers have the habit of picking the egg cart situated at the top of the stack. According to Costa, this is a no no. Costa introduced the term "Load Line Limit." This is the line that you see on a display case. These are dots that were put by the manufacturer. If the egg cart surpasses the load line limit, it means the eggs are not cool enough. Dr. Oz suggested that the eggs should be stored no higher than 45 degrees. It's much better to pick the egg cart at the bottom because the temperature is cooler.

Consumers get a load of carbs via the bakery section. We have seen the term " fresh baked" marked on some loaves of bread. The truth of the matter is, the bread is in the freezer for a year! The shelf life of bread is long. The same thing is true for meat. The supermarkets would thaw and refreeze the meat which is not a good idea.

It's about time to pay attention to the lighting at the produce section and meat section. The produce are placed under a green light or a green filter to make it appear enticing to consumers. The meats are placed under a red light or filter to make the meats appear fresh. This is considered a health violation according to Costa. We should look up and down when selecting produce and meat. Take the produce off the shelf and check the freshness of the product by placing it under a normal light. The light or filter could deceive consumers in selecting vegetables and meat.

The expiration dates of products are marked by the manufacturer. The supermarket operators change it anytime. We have to talk to the grocer and ask them if those labels were changed once they get into the grocery. It may spark a debate, but it's better be safe than sorry.

Some experts have mentioned that the longer you stay in the store, the more you spend. Some groceries would put soothing music or set-up a café or a deli to make the consumers buy more. According to Doctor. OZ, the worst day to do the grocery is Monday. This is because the supermarkets don't get their fresh produce and new supplies until Tuesday or Wednesday. It is not wise to shop on weekends either because it's crowded and the lines are long. The fresh produce are disseminated on weekends. Some supermarkets put crafty displays when holidays are near to make consumers spend more. We also have to stay away from "Manager's specials" because the supermarket operators change the expiration date on the items.

In some supermarkets, they provide samples to shoppers. This is because the supermarkets want to be profitable by offering their consumers samples which they will eventually buy. It can also add up to our calorie intake. For example, chicken fingers. They have 270 calories. Swiss cheese on a slice of bread has 160 calories. It's much better to stay away from samples to avoid calorie consumption.

The best way to avoid these pitfalls is to make a list and stick to it. That way, the consumer won't be tempted to buy things that are not on the list. Don't be distracted by the promos because they are deceiving.

Who knew that grocery shopping could be so tricky. We have to keep an eye on the things we buy especially if it concerns the safety of the consumers. We have to make sure that the produce are fresh and not expired. Shop during the weekday if you can. Be vigilant and sagacious when buying items in the grocery because you'll never know what you are going to get.


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