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Blox SAA (Silk Amino Acids) vs BCAA (Branch-Chain Amino Acids)

Updated on June 2, 2013

What are Silk Amino Acids

Silk Amino Acids or SAA's for short, are specific chains of eighteen plus particular amino acids. Recent laboratory studies suggests that, the precise ratio and sequence demonstrated in silk derived amino acid chains may support pro-anabolic results! BPI Blox SAAs are that exact sequence and ratio.

Do You Take BCAA's or SAA's?

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SAA's, BCAA's.. What's The Difference

Answer: A Big Difference. As we all know, all AA's are not the same. While Arginine maximizes our blood flow, Glutamine Hastens our recovery times. While Leucine Preserves our Muscle Mass, Citruline helps to burn fat.
BCAAs Nourish, Build, and Repair Muscles, While SAA's Does something far different but equally as valuable...

Silk Amino Acids

Where BCAA's are the starting point of muscle recovery, SAA's are the opposite. Think of SAA's as muscle building fuel. Silk amino acids support vasodilation, energy, cortisol control, strength gain, and overall performance. You take your SAA's before your workout to perform better, and you take your BCAA's to heal faster!

My Blox Review

I'm a 23 year old 6'2 slim but muscular built man weighing in at 195lbs. I had to send in a supplement review of BPI Blox SAA because this stuff seriously rocked my workout from day one. I would describe it as the first time I ever used a pre workout, it was that good. My power and endurance were aggressively multiplied and the next day my chest was in agony over pushing my bench max from 240 to 265 in one day. This stuff is high tech powder and I recommend it to anyone looking to get better results.


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