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Blue Ball Disease – Precursor to Prostate Cancer

Updated on June 17, 2011

Blue Ball Disease or not ?

Blue ball is not a disease; it’s a symptom in reality. It’s caused by the congestion produced due to the vasoconstriction in the genitals including external genitalia, prostate and in testis, as usual external genitalia become hyperemic when the erection occurs but in this case the ejaculation doesn’t occurs and it causes a painful sensation. It can be also caused by the frequent emissions too.

The condition usually prevails during the sexual contact. Normally the body has increased circulation of blood to these parts in such process, but in this case the blood stagnates due to vasoconstriction and it leads to accumulation of lactic acid and pain results. The condition is also known as epididymal hypertension since the epididymis is the place were the sperm get matured and hence inflammation of the epididymis cause the ejaculation of sperm into the spermatic tubes and it causes the hypertensive condition.

How It Occurs ?

The infection of inflammation is usually caused by the sexually transmitted disease and from the varicosity in the veins of epididymis

The chronic congestion of the epididymis and prostate always leads to the urine incontinence due to the fact that the prostatic tissue becomes more flaccid and enlargement of the prostate results. As in every other part in the body, chronic irritation of a part may lead to the development of the cancer or so called malignant condition. The constant pooling of the blood will lead to the infection by the bacteria. And it will lead to prostatitis; chronic prostatitis is lead to prostatic cancer. At the same time the constant irritation to the testis and epididymis lead to malignant changes to the part also. The metastasis to the adjacent organs which is the prostate also getting the chance of getting chronically irritated.

The benign hypertrophy of the prostate which is a common condition will be outcome of the syndrome called the blue ball disease, with the increases amount of the testosterone will lead to the prostatic cancer.

The measures taken like surgical correction of the chronic epididymitis, as well as the benign hypertrophy of the prostate will help to the reduce the chance of prostatic cancer as well as the blue ball disease. Hormonal treatment is effective to cut down the testosterone level in the blood and it helps to reduce the chance of prostatic cancer.

How to Avoid It

Your health is partly determined by your genes, but it is also inextricably linked with your environment and lifestyle. If you want to improve your health, being aware of the risks to health associated problems with each area and adjusting your behavior accordingly will help protect you from illness now and may prevent diseases from developing in future. Eating a healthy diet, successful management of stress, moderate consumption of alcohol, giving up smoking and regular exercises are five main areas in your lifestyle in which you can make beneficial changes.


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      5 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi webguyonline,

      Thanks for your comment.

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      7 years ago

      I have recently been suffering from intense pain even when ejaculation occurs. What is the best way to relieve this pain? It can be so intense that it feels like I'm kicked in the testicles by an NFL kicker! It usually follows a love making session of 45 minutes or more, but now I want to start avoiding these activities.


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