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Blue Eye Contacts

Updated on January 13, 2011

This hub/guide for those looking to buy blue-colored eye contacts, not contact lenses for people with blue eyes.

Contact lenses have slowly become fashion items through the years. Gone are the days when contacts were simply practical items for those who could not afford the hassles spectacles come with. Today, contacts are available in a range of creative colors and designs—from the natural-looking to the bizarre. For natural-looking contacts, one of the most popular choices is the color blue.

Blue-eyed people are rare; this is especially true for races where blue-colored eyes simply do not happen. Asian, Middle-Eastern, and African American are some of the races where people born with blue eyes are a rarity. Because of this, people want them even more and feel that blue is a privilege. After all, blue is the color of royalty.

Hollywood actress Ali Larter has natural blue eyes

Brown-eyed Paris Hilton frequently wears blue contacts

Tips on getting blue eye contacts

However, not all people look good with blue eyes. It would be hard to pull off natural-looking blue eyes with contacts because it is hard to get that natural look. There are a lot of factors to consider to make it look as natural as possible, and unfortunately, it does not all depend on the quality and color of the contacts. For one, skin and hair color are factors that would be hard to change.

While at this point I seem to be favoring Caucasians and light-colored people, that is simply not the case. In fact, I write this article in partial to convince others that blue is not all the rage. In fact, people who have light-colored eyes (e.g. green) envy those with brown or black-colored eyes. People who are fairly-skinned want brown skin all the more, which is why tanning is popular. It is true that people truly want what they do not have.

Anyway, going back to buying blue eye contacts, if you notice, people with blue eyes can only be noticed from up close. It is not like you can spot their blue eyes from afar. The blue in blue eyes is not bright blue. So, unless you want to look like an alien (of course this could be your main reason as well), get a blue shade that is dark to begin with. This is particularly true for those with dark-colored eyes. Another thing to note for people with dark eyes is to get opaque-colored contact lenses. Transparent contact lenses will have a hard time creating a blue effect on a dark-colored eye.

For people with light eye colors, you can opt for transparent eye enhancers instead of the traditional opaque lenses. You can choose those that are in the ocean or aqua colors, as well as sky blue colors as these can naturally enhance your light-colored eyes softly.

If you have found the right shade and color for you, always make sure that your contacts are comfortable. Contact lenses can become dangerous and damaging if not worn properly. Always make sure to soak contact in a recommended cleaner and store them properly. You would not want dirt and germs on your eyes, would you?


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