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Blueberries.....The Super Berry for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit!

Updated on June 13, 2013

Hello to all of my fellow HubPagers! The Blueberry is known as The "Super" Berry! The wonderful Blueberry is known for it's FANTASTIC antioxidants, anti-inflammatory qualities, and other great qualities found in it's deep blue pigment.

Since I am concerned about some of the produced and packaged foods that we have out there. This past year, I started a smoothie health program that involved making a blender full of a fruit and yogurt each and every week.

Cheese has always been one of my weaknesses. So I had to get over this habit, and the yogurt smoothies really helped curb my cravings for cheese! Just like my "choose your own flavor" yogurt pie with the graham cracker crust recipe, I have the same fun by adding all of the different kinds of fruit and yogurt into my blender and enjoy the refreshing and yummy taste. I also name my smoothie a cute little name for Bananarama smoothie or something.

I decided to call this recipe......My "Wild Thang" Blueberry smoothie recipe.....

  • 6 oz Wild Blueberries - Fresh or Frozen
  • 6 oz Vanilla or Blueberry Yogurt - ** If you use Plain Yogurt - Add 1 Tablespoon Honey **
  • 1/2 cup of ice cubes

Blend at High speed. Serve immediately, and this Wild Blueberry Smoothie serves 2. If you need to serve 4 or 6, just double or triple the recipe!

Feel free to share how you feel and how much you enjoy being on the Smoothie Band Wagon!

Spoil yourself............... Enjoy !!

Since Wild Blueberries are at the top of the antioxidant A-List, here are just a few wonders that these berries help us with:

  • Antioxidant Activity
  • Fighting Oxidative Stress
  • Healthy Aging
  • Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Urinary Tract Health
  • Protection Against Stroke
  • Heart Health
  • Preventing Atherosclerosis
  • Cardiovascular Protection
  • Vision Health
  • Digestive Health - Promotes Good Bacteria

A new area currently being explored is Metabolic Syndrome - Just click on the link below to learn and explore the great information about Wild Blueberries on this great website!!

Feel free to share how you feel and how much you enjoy being on the Smoothie Band Wagon!

Enjoy the healthier and finer things in life.....spoil yourself!

Beautiful Field of Wild Blueberries
Beautiful Field of Wild Blueberries

Wow.....just a closing note.....don't forget about The Annual Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Festival upcoming on August 17 - September 1, 2012 in Canada.

Go to for more information.


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    • lmlynde profile image

      lmlynde 5 years ago from Nevada

      Thanks are soooo right!

    • justmesuzanne profile image

      justmesuzanne 5 years ago from Texas

      One of the few naturally blue foods and so good for you! Voted up & awesome! :)

    • lmlynde profile image

      lmlynde 5 years ago from Nevada

      Thanks for sharing.....I will try your cream idea next time. I love whipped cream so much, I have to get the Light Cool Whip. If I get the squirt whipped cream in the can....I put it on everything!!! Yummy for sure!

    • EuroCafeAuLait profile image

      Anastasia Kingsley 5 years ago from Croatia, Europe

      Wow, this really looks fantastic. They are called borovnica here. Most pregnant women drink juice of borovnica to rev up their iron counts. I love to pour a little cream on them and eat 'em with a spoon. Yum-yum! !