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Blueberry feminized seeds

Updated on May 26, 2016

Feminized marijuana seeds


The long-lasting heavenly high accompanied by fresh blueberry taste makes this strain truly one of a kind.

Plant characteristics

Blueberry seeds develop into thick bulky plants that appear in red and purple at first and later change their color to blue.

Medical implications

Blueberry’s high Cannabidiol concentration and anti-psychotic attributes make the strain suitable for medical usage. Blueberry helps alleviate chronic anxiety and panic attacks. In general, Cannabidiol rich strains are recommended for use during the day.

A number of academic researchers suggest that Cannabidiol can help relieve and even stop diabetes, different types of cancer; rheumatoid arthritis; and brain and nerve damage as a result of a stroke; alcohol addiction; Huntington’s disease and infections such as Mad Cow.

Please note that the information on our website neither suggests nor promotes any medical treatment.

Strain characteristics

Feminized plant

20% Sativa/ 80% Indica

THC contents - medium at 16%

Cannabidiol (medical) – high concentration

Height – tall plant (50/200 cm; 19"/79")

Harvest: solid (500 to 700gr/m²; 18 to 25 oz/11ft²)

Blooming - Average (up to 63 days)

Conditions- Sunny / Mediterranean

Suitable for growing in-and outdoors

Implications: Medical


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