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Body Detoxification - Some Common Detox Side Effects

Updated on January 10, 2013

If you suffer from some of these common health problems such as fatigue, bloating, etc. You know how uncomfortable and how uneasy that feeling can be. You need to detoxify your body to overcome from these kind of problem. But sometimes detoxification process may cause of some side effects. Though the side effects are not so dangerous but still you need to know about it.

In the interest of side effects: It really all depends on which detox approach you take. Of course, the organic detox is more essential than products you purchase in the store. When you eat all of the bad foods, you are of course putting unnecessary toxins in your body. There is a detox that involves nothing but water and juices so if you follow that detox diet, you are more apt to get side effects from that than anything else since your body is not used to just consuming liquids. Below are some common side effects that you may experience during detoxification process..

1. Your body is going to go through a stage while detoxing where you will feel a burst of fatigue. You are probably thinking that is why you are doing the detox to begin with. However, when you are in the process of a detox cleanse, your body is lacking those nutrients so you are bound to feel tired.

2. Headaches are one of the most common side effects when doing a detox cleanse. This is because during the cleanse, you would have to disregard your normal routines of drugs and alcohol plus cigarette smoking. Not to mention, caffeine such as coffee and soda. Giving up these things will make your body go into withdrawal mode and you will get headaches. Suffering from these headaches may be a little frustrating but the good news is - you will feel fantastic after your cleanse. It will be well worth it in the end.

3. Of course, if you are drinking water and juices on your detox diet, you are going to notice an increase in urination. Not to mention, you will also notice this common side effect because your body is disposing of the horrible toxins that were once in your body. So, while it may be annoying to have this side effect, you just have to remind yourself that each time you go use the bathroom, you have less toxins in your body.

4. Diarrhea is another symptom that goes along with increased urination. It’s just your body’s natural way of disposing those unnecessary toxins that were once in your body. It can be a hassle to keep running to the bathroom but ridding yourself of all of the toxins that make you get bad side effects every day, are going to be gone.

5. Unfortunately, nausea is another side effect resulting from a detox and or cleanse. The reason you will feel this side effect will be from withdrawal so it’s nothing to be worried about if you find yourself experiencing this symptom. Your body is not used to going a day without soda, caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. Whatever you normally put into your body each day your body will then be lacking when doing a cleanse so it’s only natural to be feeling this side effect.

Initially, not everyone experiences the same side effects. Although some or all of these side effects can be quite bother some to some people, you just have to remember this is only for a couple or few days and then they will subside. It’s only due to your detox. Your body will be free of toxins for doing this wonderful cleanse for your body. You really just have to kind of keep reminding yourself of that. If you look at it that way, it will get you through it easier.


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