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Body Detoxification With Acupuncture

Updated on February 10, 2010
Detox through acupuncture
Detox through acupuncture

Have you ever tried detoxifying your body with acupuncture? Do you know that acupuncture is an effective and main cure of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) several ages ago? Acupuncture can actually be used to cleanse your body for its principle is based on the balance of Qi (pronounced as chi) or the vital life energy force that harmonies and nourishes the functions of the body.

According to the Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor during the 100 B.C., a superior healer for the ancient Chinese physicians is "one who treats a disease before it shows symptoms," while an inferior healer "treats a disease only after it has manifested pain or discomfort." They believed that prevention is the primary focus for health instead of treatment of a disease. That is the reason why acupuncture was the first one they developed and used as a preventative form of treatment for all kinds of illnesses and diseases. Here are some helpful and useful facts about acupuncture:

One fact about acupuncture is the use is its natural diuretic effect. Through the urinary tract, body detoxify takes place during the removal of toxins. This shows the extensive purpose of acupuncture for drug detoxification programs.

Another fact about acupuncture is that it helps reduce food appetite or cravings, as it removes the hindrances of the Qi. Foods that are usually connected with the foundation of toxins will not regain your appetite or desire for foods. Eating them will only create feelings of heaviness because the flow of energy is hindered in the body. When proper food is consumed, energy is recharged in your body. Because the body can learn which foods are proper, acupuncture makes it so effective.

Acupuncture is also believed to be an effective way because of the apparent pain involved of needles that usually sends a tingle down people's spines. Needles are very useful instrument to attain the acupuncture spots which are near the skin and may be found inside muscles, joint spaces, and tendons. It is only needed to find a compliant acupuncturist that can make it less painful and make it a more satisfying experience.

Another fact is that though acupuncture is painful, it detects the toxins and removes them. A sensational feeling of aching, heaviness, numbness and tingling in the affected area will be felt. When that happens, it is believed that the Qi has arrived. In this process, toxins were almost certainly consumed through additives, harmful foods, polluted air and water and even normal bad habits.

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners extremely recommends acupuncture as a way to cleanse your body. It is believed that the more toxins, the stronger the effects of acupuncture will be felt. So even if there is pain involved in acupuncture, it can still cure or heal your problems in an instant instead of suffering from a longer pain for the rest of your life.

Acupuncture is one way to detox your body but there are also other ways on how to detox your body if the thought of sticking needles into your body sends chill down your spine.


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