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Labels, Size, Numbers; The Effects They Have On Body Image

Updated on February 19, 2015
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Mason Shade has diplomas in Holistic/Western Medicine, CBD Medicine, Advocacy, Mental Health, English Language & Literature, & Social Media.

Saying Goodbye To Scales & Numbers

We live in a world today where the empathise on beauty and body image is based off someone’s weight and not about who they are as a person.

It is a dark world we live in, when it's more acceptable to be the "media's standard of beautiful" than to have a loving and empathic personality.

What if we lived in World where we did not own scales?

Because our weight is not as important as our health both physical, mental, as well as our self-confidence.

What if we lived in a world where when you buy clothes you weren't just buying a number, instead your wearing buy a pleasant attribute? Or a positive personality trait?

Womens Fashion

97% of Women have admitted to be anxious or self-conscious by at least one part of their physical appearance.

What is making these numbers so high? Could it be how the fashion industry labels are clothing. We already know that airbrush images impact how we view ourselves. Are your own clothes destroying yourself esteem too?

Why are your jeans labeled as size 7? Why can’t be labeled a size beautiful?

Why isn't an attractive size 14 be called size stunning? or bootylicious?

Why are shirts labeled extra small, small, medium, large and extra large? Let’s call them things like flirty, stacked, etc?

Imagine walking into a store where when you ask the clerk for your section of jeans saying "I'm usually size adorable" instead of "I'm usually a size 5".

How about instead of size extra large shirt, you say "my top size is stacked."

Mens Fashion

More than four in five men (80.7%) talk in ways that promote anxiety about their body image. 38% of men would sacrifice a year of their life to be granted the perfect body.

Is the labeling within the fashion industry affect our men? Do they suffer the same self-conscious issues when they have to buy a shirt that is double XL?

Why aren't men clothes labeled things like; Studmuffin, beefcake, strongman, and so on.

I know men love to hear someone they care about call them that so why wouldn't they enjoy being labeled that way as well instead of just numbers that make them sound like a coffee order.

A depiction of the effects the fashion industry has on someones body image, especially children . Mainly young girls.
A depiction of the effects the fashion industry has on someones body image, especially children . Mainly young girls.

Fashion Labels - Little Girls

Girls as young as 3 have started showing worries of being fat. They are having low self-esteem before the age of 6.

Here is a few more shocking statistics about girls and body image

  • Over 80 percent of 10-year-old girls are afraid of being fat.
  • By middle school, 40-70 percent of girls are dissatisfied with two or more parts of their body, and body satisfaction hits rock bottom between the ages of 12 and 15.

Why doesn't the fashion industry label their outfits after princess with different personality traits?

Small could be called Snow White - Most caring of them all.

Medium could be size Jasmin, Bell - Smartest girls in town

Large could be size Elsa, Ana - Strongest Sisters

Extra Large could be Fiona, Mulan - Bravest Beauties

Why are we giving young girls a number category to fit into? Let's give them personality traits to idolize and want for themselves.

The Fashion Industry & Boys

18% of boys are highly concerned about their weight and physique.

Boys who suffer from body image issues or low self esteem are at a higher risk for depression.

They are more likely to engage in high-risk behaviors such as binge drinking and drug use.

Only 1-2% of males are naturally born to have the ideal body type these young boys want for themselves.

So why are we only putting superheroes on the front of clothes?

Why aren't labeling their clothes based of the body image of the superheroes.

Small would size Flash - fast as lighting.

Medium could be Spiderman, Captain America, Wolverine - Agile like no other.

Large could be labeled Batman, Ironman, Superman - Brains over brawn.

Extra Large could be called size Hulk - Strong like no one else.

Double XL could be called a size Thing - Bravest boys in town.

Stop giving these boys muscles to look up to, start giving them attributes to admire.

Beauty fun facts

view quiz statistics

The truth behind the fad of "skinny"

Let’s make it know that the whole reason models started off as the oddly skinnier members of society, was intentional. It was to keep the eyes on the clothes and not the women. Because curves where the sexier image when the fashion industry was created, they used the women who just happened to be born more slender since they knew women with bigger chest, larger bums and fuller thighs would be more distracting sexually.

The Ideals Of Body Types

Society definition of the perfect look is forever changing. The so-called "perfect look of a woman's body" has been transformed to unbelievable lengths, this was demonstrated thoroughly in this video by BuzzFeed

Fashion Labels

Would you prefer to have your clothes not labeled by numbers?

See results

The Impact

The average person has 11 negative thoughts about themselves per day. That is 4015 negative that about oneself in a calendar year.

Your character will always remain far more superior to your looks. We need to take back ourselves, our body image, and our self-confidence, if not for ourselves, for the generations after us.

Let's stop eating disorders, body dysmorphia, low self-esteem, low self-worth, the comparison of ourselves against airbrushed images and each other.

Time to start a new culture. Empower all body forms. No matter what shape or size someone is, it does not determine their beauty.

It is one's own self-image, soul, empathy, intelligence, personality, sense of humor and their character that makes them attractive.

Time everyone start going by how they feel in their clothes or naked?
We need to start focusing on the more important things. Like how we feel in our own skin and how we feel spiritually!

The Truth Behind Common Statements Made About Weight or Looks

Again, thanks to Buzzfeed for bringing light to topics unspoken. While their video may center around these statements being for women, similar statements are said to men as well. It is time we take this judgement for what it really is, insecurity.

© 2014 Mason Shade


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