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Mind Yin, Body Yang: Achieving That Balance for Optimal Well-Being

Updated on April 24, 2014

Location of Yin and Yang. What Are You Talking About?

In my other article on Yin, Yang which can be found at the bottom of this page I propose the idea that our society favors the yang in expense of the yin. When I say that we are out of balance in favor of yang in our society, it is more complicated than that. The truth of it is our minds (brains) are too yang, and our bodies are too yin. This idea will make complete sense by the end, just keep reading.

Why The Mind Should Be Primarily Yin

Yin is cooler, open, expansive, accepting, receptive. In mine and many Eastern thinking doctors opinions this is the ideal state of the mind. A more yin mind is calm, relaxed, receptive, immersed in the present moment. It isn't exerting much effort, it is rather soaking up things like a sponge. To make learning much more effective, ones mind must be in a yin state. I think that is part of the reason children can learn so much more. A perfect example is how fast they pick up languages compared to adults. This is because children are much more balanced. They haven't been fully socialized to a world that is inherently unbalanced. Our unbalanced world emphasizes a yang mind which can be useful, but it should not be the dominant state of mind. The yang mind thinks, and is constantly in contemplation about either the future or the past. The yang mind sees that everything that is done is for a goal or purpose, it doesn't enjoy things for the sake of doing them. Therefore if you want peace, and happiness we must let the yin mind be dominant and only use the yang mind when needed such as planning a trip, judging something, writing, and many other actions. As soon as the job is done the yang mind should be let go of, or one will become burnt out.

Why The Body Should Be Primarily Yang

A person is healthy when the mind is cool (yin) and the body is warm (yang). We have several expressions for this in our culture. We say a person is hot headed, or we say a person is chill or cool when they are relaxed. A person that is truly "cool", relaxed, smooth and at ease has their yang energy anchored down in their body, instead of it floating up into their heads resulting in an overactive, yang mind. This is why so many people love working out, it can get the yang back down into their bodies. We have sayings for this as well. We say a person is grounded, down-to-Earth or centered when their yang is rooted in their body. Many people to some degree are not grounded primarily because we sit too much, and have poor posture in our culture. Being up and active makes our bodies yang. Also having a proper posture allows the yang energy to sink back down into the body primarily because the spine is not pinched off and there is a free flow of energy. This is why proper posture is emphasized in meditation. Meditation can be a great way to achieve this proper balance of yin and yang.

8 Ways To Achieve This Balance

1. Exercising - Exercising will get the energy down into the body where it primarily should be. Exercising also has a whole host of other superb benefits for the mind and body (Caution) I can't recommend overly aerobic exercises for many people, especially if they have adrenal issues or are already stressed out. A good form of exercise to start out would be yoga, walking, or light weight lifting.

2. Meditating - A meditative state of mind is a quiet, relaxed, yin mind. You don't have to actually meditate to achieve this. Any activity that brings you deeply into the present moment will have a meditative effect on the mind. Activities with rhythm, or slow paced activities are especially good.

3. Facial and Head Massages, Expressions and Movements - Any massage, or facial expression releases heat and tension from the head. The ears also do this. I think this is why people love getting their heads massaged and their hair played with. It is very relaxing. Another technique is to gently swing your head back and forth until one gets into a type of relaxed trance.

4. Cold Water To The Head - Any cool or cold water to the human face or head will help promote a quiet yin mind. Putting ice on your head, running cool water on your face in the shower, or even getting your face wet in the ocean will all have a balancing effect.

5. Body Massages - especially foot massages have a grounding effect of our energy. Any message or warmth of the body will have a balancing effect.

6. Deep Breathing - Deep belly breathing brings energy downward and creates a relaxed state.

7. Avoid Sugary, Stimulating Foods And Beverages - Avoiding Soda, Coffee, Energy Drinks and high sugar foods will balance the yin and the yang of the body. All of these substances have an over stimulating effect on the mind, making it more yang.

8. Love Someone or Something - There is something about loving someone that warms the heart. Having positive, accepting and adoring feelings toward yourself, someone or something brings the body and mind into proper balance.

The Positive Effects You Will See

If we take time to consistently have a yin, quiet, relaxed mind, and a yang, warm, strong body then everything else in our life will be better. We will feel much better, we will have clearer thoughts, the fun and wonder in life will return and we will be living the way that we were designed to live as thriving residents of Planet Earth. Below is a link to my other hub on Yin and Yang, and I will also have other hubs on my profile about natural health solutions.


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