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Tips to maintain your body to attract women

Updated on September 7, 2014

Body Building

As all you know body building is rigorous and perfect use of body parts for maintaining its shape and structure. Maintaining good masculine body is a great challenge for a men because of today's eating habits. Regular exercise keeps you healthy and stout.

Do Muscles Really Make Men More Attractive To Women?

The answer is yes and no, the researches going on the masculinity and the attraction of women towards men says the answer yes. In the study conducted the results found to be very astonishing and showing the likeliness of women towards men with following features.

1) Attractiveness, sexual desirability - The Masculine and Stout guys are top in their selection for this criteria and chubby was at the last preference.

2) Physical Dominance - In the Top Browny and built, the weaker and thinner persons at the lower end in the selection.

3) Commitment - Chubby guys in the top list, brawny and built at the last.

4) Volatility - Slender guy are less volatile, with brawny and built the most volatile.

Different personalities


Calories in food


Why Fat content is more in women?

Fat accumulates in many parts of the body in case of womens.

1) The Buttocks (The Gluteal Fold)

2) Low Back

3) Below the Trochanter,

4) Knees

5) Pubis

6) Around the Navel

7) Posterior-Medial Part of the Upper Arm

8) Between the thighs

9) Breasts

Best Back Exercises to maintain a perfect body

The four main Back exercises are


"J" Rope pull in is a combination of kneeling legs with stretched arm pull down, continuous pulling of rope brings strain in the back muscle.


This is the one directional body unilateral pulling of rope by stretching the hands over the head. This movement seems to be cobra movement so this is cobra pull down exercise.


This is exercise very simple, just put a rod on a rack over a waist level and just hang under the bar pull your body up and let it down with help of your hands. Inverted Rows exercise improve strength in your back muscles, Please don't work out on this if you are suffering from back ache or


For this exercise, please follow the video below

Protein food for body structure

Foods (100g)
Rich in
Milk and Diary and Eggs
452 calories
Calcium, Iron, HDL
718 calories
Oily Fish
262 calories
Omega 3 FA
Dried Fruit & Fruit Juices
339 calories
Vitamins and sugar
Fats & Oils
902 calories
Rich in Fatty acids
358 calories
Proteins, Vitamins, Iron,Zinc
Nut & Seed Butters
590 calories
160 calorie
Vitamin-K,C,E, Folates

Different spots to work out

Health for Obese patients for Loosing weight

Set realistic goals to lose weight: This is very necessary along with a strong will power which adhere you to the set goals. Aim is losing weight month wise/week wise. Depending on your height decide the optimum weight using height-weight chart. Imagine you are 90 kg female and you are height is 5’ 7. Now set a realistic goal like loosing 3 kg/ month so that you can reach optimum weight of 60 kg in 10-12 months. You can look into the below height weight chart for your easy reference.

Implementing set realistic goals:

Investigate on your food habits and diet plan and find what works best for you to lose weight. Plan a daily menu that has less carbohydrates ,fats and more of proteins. Include in your diet with fat burners like Allium sativum. Ensure you have food only when you are hungry. Completely avoid junk and fast foods. Eat small meals more number of times.

Avoid unhealthy food temptations, add healthy foods such as fruits and low-fat yogurt to your diet plan.

Identify the hurdles you are facing to lose weight. Skim and try to find the obstacles like stress, depression, jobless or luxury.

Start your day with physical activity which help to lose weight. Measure the activity versus the burnt calories to know how many calories are burnt per activity.

You can add one more strong asset to your plan of losing weight by involving your family and friends to provide support. Explain them about why you are changing your eating habits and why you are increasing your physical activity and how much vital is losing weight for you.

Height weight chart


Meal Plan to loose weight


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