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Body bulding beginners MUST KNOW tips

Updated on April 21, 2013


Building a good shaped body is everybody's dream, but staying fit is everybody's need. For staying fit there is no need to go to GYM. But if you want to shape your body in a manner your want, easiest way is to workout in GYM. But while working in GYM, if you are not properly doing it, there is always chances of injury. Read more about tips and precautions for beginners in body building.

Before Starting...

Before starting body building there is one thing that every body builder should do.

  • Conduct a full body checkup with a doctor, and get a confirmation that there is not ailments or pains preventing you form starting body building routine

Precautions and Tips

  • Before starting every day's workouts, do proper warmups. It will help in avoiding strains and injuries
  • Do stretching exercises after workout. It will help in removing lactic acid formed in muscles during workout. It also avoids pains that occur in daily workout
  • Select weights correctly. For lifting exercises, select weights that you can handle easily first. Once you are familiar with the move, you can increase weight.
  • When you are doing weight lift, tighten your abs and lower back muscles(core muscles). If you tighten your abs muscles, as if someone is going to hit you on stomach, it will tighten lower back muscles also. It is to avoid injury in lower back. Also trainers will usually advise to do lower back exercises to strengthen core muscles at the starting itself. Do all those exercises properly before moving to other exercises.
  • It is general tendency to hold breath, while lifting weight. It is not correct, common rule is to breath in when you are releasing weight and exhale slowly in small bursts, when you are lifting it
  • Do workouts in a regular manner. But take weekly two or three day off. Because during rest time only muscles will grow. It is also mandatory to go to bed correctly. When you are doing workouts, make sure you are getting at least 7 hours of sound sleep
  • Increase the weights and repetitions slowly as you progress
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Around 30 minutes after workout, make sure you are having food with carbohydrates and protein
  • Start workouts with simple exercises. There are some basic muscles, that you should strengthen before you are starting heavy exercises. It is important to strengthen core muscles(abdominal muscles and lower back muscles). These muscles play a good role in preventing back injuries
  • Make sure you get proper nutrition. It is not advisable to go on protein powder unnecessarily, unless otherwise advised
  • Use weight belts if needed, It helps to prevent lower back injuries, during weight lifts.
  • Know basic things about body building. For example, it is good to know the muscles affected in each workout. Have a basic idea about muscle groups in the body. Refer the picture to get a basic idea of muscle group names in human body

Muscle groups

Muscle groups in human body
Muscle groups in human body

How to Start?

Everybody's confusion before starting workouts in GYM is how to start. If you are going to a GYM, with a good trainer(there are some certifications for GYM trainers. It is very difficult to find certified trainers) you will get some idea on how to start. But most of the time that will not happen. So first step for any beginner is to find a good trainer, who has good knowledge in body building work outs in GYM. Even if you couldn't find such a trainer it is okay, but you have to be more careful with what you are doing.

Some people are going to gym to build more muscles, whereas some others go to shed their weight. So before selecting your workout routine, tell you intention to your trainer and select a proper plan suitable to achieve your target.

From the day one itself, do not expect magics. It will take time to reach your target. Also it is not advisable to start with complex exercises at the starting itself. First do strengthening exercises for support muscles like core muscles(abdominal, lower back etc), so that you can avoid injury in later stage while doing complex exercises. General advice in body building is to do full body workouts until you reach some minimum strength. Up to then it is not advisable to do workouts targeting single muscles. Because if you do such exercises wrongly it will have impact on body shape, whereas full body workouts like (pushups, pull ups etc) are difficult to do wrongly.

How to proceed consistently?

Most of the people start going to GYM, inspired by some actors with well shaped body. Usually they will do workout one or two weeks. Seeing initial pain and lack of progress, they will drop off, workout. But you should keep in mind that it will take time. It will take around 4 weeks to see some initial changes in body and at least 6 months to see something considerable. So it is better to continue consistently, than checking in mirror for daily progress.

Always make sure you are getting proper nutrition. It is not advisable to go on a full protein diet. Go for a mix of carbohydrate and protein. Avoid oily food with more fat content. Once you have started hitting GYM, automatically your hunger will rise. You will eat more. As far as you are continuing workouts, this is fine. But if you stop in between, still this increased hunger will be there and you will continue eating more. So if you have stopped, going to GYM, control eating habits.

Body building Tips for Beginners


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