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Body by Jake Ab Rocker Instructions

Updated on December 10, 2010

The Ab Rocker made by Body By Jake is a portable, light-weight, and small device made to workout, tone, and tighten your abdominal muscles. It targets the muscles in your upper, middle, and lower abs, and also strengthens and tones your obliques. Workouts take only 5 minutes, and you do not have to lay on the floor to do them. This makes the Body By Jake Ab Rocker an ideal choice for people with lower back problems.


Sit down on the comfortable and padded bench and hold on to the upright bars with each of your hands. In a movement similar to a crunch, rock forward. Concentrate on squeezing your ab muscles during the movement; this will focus the exercise on your ab region rather than on your arms or shoulders. Move slowly so that you don't use momentum to cheat. Once you hit the lowest point, keep your muscles tightened for a short moment, and then slowly return to the starting point. Do not let the tension in the ab rocker move you backward; resist the movement of the machine with your abs so that you continue to strengthen and tone the muscles even on the backward movement. Make sure your abs are fully extended before crunching for a second time. Your back should be slightly arched to get your abs to their full extension.

Continue to repeat the movement, with a pause before each time you change directions. Repeat the exercise about 12 to 16 times, and then take a brief break. Set a timer if you prefer, or wait about a minute or two. Then, perform the exercise again with about 12 to 16 repetitions. Rest again, and then perform one final set of 12 to 16 repetitions. If you cannot make it all the way to 12, do as many as you can, but always do 3 sets. Your abs should feel tense and a bit sore after your workout; if they do not, you may have inadvertently cheated in some way. Remember to move slowly and fully contract/extend your abs on each movement.


If you follow the instructions, you should get a great ab workout with the Body By Jake Ab Rocker or any other ab machine. However, here are some additional tips to maximize your ab workout.

Remember that abs recover from exercise very quickly, and many training regimens, including those using the Ab Rocker, do not involve heavy weights that tax the muscles. You may use your Ab Rocker three to seven times a week without worrying about taking days off specifically to rest. Ideally, five to six sessions a week will give you the best results.

Remember, too, that although abdominal exercises will strengthen and tone your muscles, they will not remove fat around your stomach. In fact, because these exercises increase the size of your muscles, they may make your midsection look bigger if you do not combine your workout with diet and fat-burning exercises.

If you are looking to flatten and tone your stomach, the Ab Rocker by itself is sufficient for your ab workouts. Incorporate other cardio or fat-burning exercises to maximize your results. If, however, you want to obtain large ab muscles or gain a lot of strength for sports activities, you may need to incorporate other ab workouts. Add weight or resistance to your ab workouts to maximize size and strength gains.

Training strong ab muscles will let you see strength gains in other areas of fitness. If you lift weights, you will find that a stronger core helps you lift more, especially in compound movements like the bench press and squat. Sports players, such as those who play golf, tennis, or baseball will see substantial gains in performance by including a stringent ab training program in their workouts.


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