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Bodybuilding- Food Supplements Are "Supplements" Not "Substitutes".

Updated on September 16, 2009
bodybuilding nutritional supplements
bodybuilding nutritional supplements

I know some people who use bodybuilding nutritional supplements like whey protein and skip their regular meals. This may be due to little or no information on the usage. If you are one of those who does this, Please "STOP this practice right now".

As I mentioned on the heading of this page, bodybuilding food supplements are "supplements" not "substitutes". If you look forward to acquire a good looking massive body, you must take your regular meals which includes all nutritional factors to meet your daily nutritional requirements.

Now comes the role of food supplements. They supplement your body with the needed factors to maintain an optimum growth of muscles. If you skip your meal and take the nutritional supplements alone, you are not doing yourself any good as it will be used up to meet the daily needs, especially after the hard workout sessions, your body is gonna be busy executing a lot of things. It has got to meet your energy needs, your daily requirements, metabolism and so on, and in addition to that, you have done enough damage on your muscles at gym. Now you see how badly your body needs protein or other supplements?. I think im making myself clear...

Now, again, the sole reason for us to take nutritional supplements are to saturate the body with that extra amount of protein or whatever supplement.

Another advantage of using nutritional supplements like proteins and not skipping regular meals is fast results. While the body uses proteins from our food, it does not store excess protein(if any) in any form(sad to say...) but instead it tries to use it to the maximum and leaves the rest. So, by giving a continuous equally spaced(3-4hrs) protein rich diet helps a lot to attain a good massive result. Oh, don't forget the workout side...:)

And don't foget to drink lots of water... after all 70-75% of our intercellular matter is water. A normal person requires 2.5-3ltrs a day at normal circumstances. But apparently, bodybuilders cross that normal circumstances to a great extent, and thereby need more water supply(3-4.5ltrs/day).


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    • profile image

      Health Guru 

      8 years ago

      A lot of these synthetic vitamins and expensive supplements are a big waste of cash, and just a bunch of hype. I have run across a few supplements that were decent, but they didn't relate to bodybuilding. If you're taking the natural, drug-free route to bodybuilding and you're eating good, the rest is up to your physical efforts - along with your genetics.

    • profile image

      Health Store 

      8 years ago

      Hi aj's first of all great hub very informative and well researched, there have been a lot of buzz lately with supplements, vitamins and what not that people forgets that these are not meant to replace eating nutritious meals they are looking for a fast solution w/o fully understanding all aspects and the consequences on our health

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is true. Supplement junkies who rely on pills & protein shakes often waste their money - along with missing out on the health benefits that are naturally found in minimally processed food.

      Personally, I prefer fresh farm raised food and generally stick to a caveman diet full of organic meats & vegetables.


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