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Bodylastics Home Gym Review

Updated on June 22, 2011

Bodylastics Home Gym

Bodylastics Home Gym, What Is It?

The Bodylastics home gym is a set of resistance bands that will help you perform over 140 gym quality exercises. Using these bands you can build muscle,burn fat, tone and trim or basically achieve any of your fitness goals.

Resistance bands are not new but, one thing I personally like about Bodylastic resistance bands are the grips. Most resistance bands limit you to the size of the individual band. What this means is if you want to ad more resistance you would now need to hold 2 handles and keep adding handles to ad resistance. Lets face it, your hands are only so big and as you get stronger, they are not really going to grow. Bodylastics resistance bands can hook multiple bands to on handle.This makes adding and removing resistance easy to do and will help give you a much more effective workout.

Another plus is space. If you live in a small apartment or don't have a spare room to make your gym, Bodylastics can be used almost anywhere. Your door anchor will make almost any door your instant gym. You can also wrap the bands around a pole or, what I do in my Kickboxing classes, around a wavemaster heavy bag. When your done using your Bodylastics they go back in the small carrying bag that comes with every set and can store in most drawers of the closet. You can also take these anywhere so they are great for people who travel a lot and want to stay in shape.

Bodylastics were created by Blake Kessel in 1998 and have been impressing people ever since. The look of these colorful bands is very deceiving and might make the big guys think these are just toys for the girls but, you couldn't be more wrong. The resistance levels can challenge even the biggest of bodybuilders. The Super Strong Man Bodylastics Set comes complete with 7 continuous dipped elastics which create over 94 levels of resistance and up to 127 lbs of resistance per side. Check out some of the videos below and then read my review of the Bodylastics home gym.

Bodylastics Home Gym Review

 Let me start with a bit about my back-round. I am a full time martial arts instructor and personal trainer. I have been doing both for about 20 years now and have tried a lot of different fitness products.

I first started using resistance bands in my kickboxing classes about 15 years ago. This was actually before Bodlastics was on the market so  iwas using another well known brand. They were very good and I liked that there were 5 different resistance levels. At the time these bands were new to both myself and my clients so they did the job just fine. One thing that adding resistance bands did was to really increase clients strength and in turn muscle tone. People were feeling better and looking better faster then just doing traditional kickboxing or aerobic kickboxing.

With my personal training backround I started adding a full body workout to the kickboxing classes so my clients would receive the full benefits of resistance training with high intensity cardio and the results were great. Now as people started getting stronger, especially the men, I noticed that to increase the resistance you would need to hold 2 or more bands. The problem is you need a separate handle for each band and this became very uncomfortable.

So I did a little research and by now Bodylastics had been released. I got a set and gave them a try and they were simply awesome. You can attach multiple bands to one handle with the clips attached at both ends of the band making it really easy to adjust your resistance. Since then Bodylastics has been improving and upgrading there product and it only gets better every time. Bodylastics started out with a simple but effective 4 band system that you could adjust with the clips to increase or decrease resistance as needed.  They later added  a 5 band system, a seven band system, a door anchor, ankle straps, printed weight equivalents on the clips of the bands and a huge video library of over 140 exercises you can do with the Bodylastics system.

Some of the main reasons I like these bands over the others.

The adjustable handles are a huge plus. When training people it makes it so much easier to have them just clip the bands they need on and off the handles as opposed to different handles for each band and worse trying to hold t 2 or more handles to increase resistance.

The weight printed on the clips. Everyone likes to know around where they stand compared to regular free weights or traditional machines so this gives you a great idea of what weight you would be using in a gym.

The bands are much less intimidating to beginners. Many women get the notion in there head that they will become manly from weight training but the bands give them more of a fitness feeling. They don't mind adding another band but will hesitate more if you gave them a bigger dumbbell. The mindset of bigger dumbbell equals bigger body just is not true but it is ingrained in a lot of women. For beginner men if they are not that strong they do not feel as much pressure to try to lift something too big for their strength levels. Most men are competitive and will try to do what the guy next to them is doing, even if they cant. This is a much easier way to get started for the guys without getting hurt.

For in home personal training these are great. carrying heavy dumbbells, even the adjustable ones is a pain in the butt and takes up a lot of room. Also the last thing you need is to have to stop short and have some heavy dumbbells on one of your seats, something is probably getting broken. The Bodylastic bands come with a carrying case that will fit almost anywhere in you car and are very light weight. This make travel and set up much easier.

The door anchor makes it easy to hit any muscle at any angle so basically where there is a door and Bodylastics, there is a gym.

The exercise videos are also great and have given me some great ideas for my kickboxing class.

Finally one of the biggest pluses is the price. You can get a starter set for less then $50.00 which is less then one months gm membership fees or 1/40 the price of a well equipped home gym.

If you want to get fit, build muscle, burn fat and do it at home for less then the price of a months gym membership then check out Bodylastics Home Gym systems. These are truly one of the best investments in your health you can make.

Kickboxer Rob Kovok works out with Bodylastics

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