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A Fresh Start - A Review of Dr. Jones' Holistic Health Book

Updated on September 28, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' author who learned heaps as a wellness coordinator. She loves to share healthy tidbits with her readers.

I want to be as healthy as possible
I want to be as healthy as possible | Source

With more than 250 inspired recipes to jump-start your day, Dr. Susan Smith Jones in her persuasive book, "A Fresh Start-Accelerate Fat Loss & Restore Youthful Vitality" movingly teaches you the secrets of revitalizing your inner self, and how to create the best you ever through simple Holistic Health Remedies.

Dr. Jones ties keys to benefiting from a successful life to living “Stress Less” by taking time to relax and cultivating relationships with family and nature. It's also important to reducing negative exposure to television, computers, satellites and radio waves.

Dr. Jones Says to Live with Integrity

Dr. Jones explains the physiology of stress and food cravings with weight gain. She shows how to practice the art of relaxation through meditation, exercise, sleep, laughter, hydration and eating stress-busting superfoods.

Living with integrity, positivity and feeling grateful for every aspect of your life is a Dr. Jones’ health motto along with praying and talking to God regularly. Stress Less by Talking to God Often and Build Loving Family Ties. This helps to avoid the risks of feeling depressed and unloved.

She proves how to use your mind power to become what you desire through affirmations in your daily conversations, and how to lose weight by curbing your appetite.

Dairy and Meat Products Clog the Arteries

The most efficient way to lose weight is to eat your breakfast within one hour of waking up and to curb your appetite by drinking a large glass of water fifteen minutes before every meal.

Always eat the foods you like slowly, yet remember not to eat after 6 pm. Her study confirms “ the closer one approaches a total plant food diet, the greater the health benefits.”

And Dr. Jones profoundly promotes the negative health risks associated with the consumption of cow’s milk, and dairy products, including the damaging effects of meat protein.

Cheese, milk and meat products injure and clog arteries, including producing allergies, kidney disease, cancer, osteoporosis, iron-deficiency anemia and weight gain.

If you are still not convinced, Dr. Jones highly recommends you read, “Milk, the Deadly Poison by Robert Cohen. Her project revealed that people who eat the most plant foods rarely suffer from weight problems.

Take Time to Exercise in the Morning

Dr. Jones advises everyone to make time for exercise early in the day and to have an awareness of their posture. She devotes an entire chapter to a full exercise plan that enhances your metabolism, and she says to move, move, and move as much as you can.

Drink Alkaline Water and Eat Lots of Fiber

The connection between acidic wastes in your cells and your level of pain are well documented.

Dr. Jones informs and captivates her audience about the best superfoods and supplements that heal and rejuvenate the body from the inside out. She highly advises to choose fiber and spouts for life, and also to drink alkaline water to normalize your body’s PH. The more such foods you consume, the less acidic waste your body creates and, the more alkali your PH will be, making you feel younger and healthier.

Lake of Sleep Leads to Toxic Buildup

I think the best health counsel given by Dr. Jones is her restorative recommendations on sleep deprivation. She explains how a lack of sleep leads to toxic buildup, aging, weight gain, depression, irritability, impatience, memory loss, low sex drive, accidents, and fatalities. She tweets about sleeping for a minimum of eight hours a night will make you slimmer, and give you the gift of harmonious health, and a youthful vitality.

To create a conductive sleep environment, Dr. Jones recommends you sleep in natural fibers, take a hot bath, and exercise only in the morning. She advises to assure your bed is merely for sleep and intimacy and informs not to eat a big spicy meal close to bedtime, instead choose carbohydrate-rich foods that help induce sleep naturally.

Dr. Jones' Smoothie for Glowing Skin

Dr. Jones, adds savory recipes in Part II with a cluster of appetizing smoothies. My favorite smoothie is her Natural Beauty Cocktail. She peddles this drink will make your skin glow, put a sparkle in your eyes, and increase your energy if you consume this concoction daily for a minimum of two weeks.

Enjoy these natural ingredients together and relax...

  • one medium scarlet or green apple,
  • 1 red, yellow, or orange bell pepper,
  • three average carrots,
  • three leaves of romaine lettuce,
  • two stalks of celery,
  • half a cucumber,
  • ¼ wedge lemon with peeling if organic,
  • ¼ to ½ inch piece of fresh ginger root.

A Fresh Start by Dr. Smith Jones Is Inspiring

Dr. Jones goes above and beyond in Part II of A Fresh Start and demonstrates how to make the most of a restorative retreat, and include the best resource directory of Holistic and Natural Food Companies complete with addresses, telephone and website listing.

'A Fresh Start' is a joy to read, and extremely informative. You'll surely love it!

A Fresh Start on Health

© 2012 Sheila Craan


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