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Book Review: Plus-Sized Yoga

Updated on August 29, 2011

Are you thinking about taking up yoga for fun, fitness or relaxation? There are certainly many health benefits associated with yoga practice. After all, not only is yoga great exercise that can help you become more flexible and toned, it can also lead to tension reduction. If you’d like to get started with yoga and you are overweight, new to yoga, or have challenges with flexibility – Donald Keith Stanley’s Plus-Sized Yoga book is a terrific resource that can provide you with the information you need to begin enjoying the health benefits of yoga.

About Plus-Sized Yoga : What You Will Learn

Plus-Sized Yoga focuses on the practice of Kundalini yoga. Plus-Sized Yoga begins with an overview of terminology specific to the practice of yoga. You’ll learn the meaning of terms related to the body, positions, postures and mantras that will be used by your yoga instructor once you start your practice, whether you practice yoga at home using the book as a guide, utilize a DVD or other tools, or if you attend yoga classes in-person. There is also a detailed glossary at the end of the book.

Following the terminology section, the book moves on to providing readers with information about getting started with the practice of yoga at home. It provides tips on how to dress for yoga, what the environment should be like, what types of equipment and accessories you should use, how to stretch and much more, including a step by step “order of practice” list. The author also cautions against eating just before doing yoga and provides tips specific for those who may have weak abdominal muscles and who experience lower back pain.

After the introductory sections, the book moves on to providing readers with detailed descriptions of yoga exercises for beginners who may be overweight or who have other challenges that require a gentle approach to getting started with yoga. For each set of exercises, the author provides readers with specifics on how long the described activity should take and exactly what needs to be done. Illustrations of exercises are provided for additional clarification.

Following the exercise section, which is the bulk of the book, the author provides information to readers about the “what ifs” they may think of as they begin their yoga practice, as well as tips and information for dealing with judgment from other people and being comfortable with themselves now and into the future.

Who Will Enjoy Plus-Sized Yoga ?

If you’ve been thinking about taking up yoga but are concerned that you’re not in good enough physical condition to do so, this book can be a great resource for you. Not only will you learn ways that you can ease into the practice of yoga, you’ll also gain insight into just how beneficial incorporating yoga into your life can really be.

Acknowledgement: Special thanks to Donald Keith Stanley and DK Creative for providing me with a review copy of this book. The opinions presented in this article are my own.


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    lundmusik 6 years ago from Tucson AZ

    wow,,, good for several of my female friends and relatives,, thanks for the great article

    you have written so many hubs.. i'm just starting out -- is it worth it financially?