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Book Review: Weight a Minute!

Updated on August 19, 2010

As a busy person who realizes that I don't spend enough time taking care of myself, I was really excited to find Weight a Minute! Transform Your Health in 60 Seconds a Day by Certified Nutritionist Deborah Enos.

This book is written with busy people in mind. It isn't a huge volume full of chapter after chapter of theory and research backing up why wellness is important. That's why I like this book so much. I know that taking care of myself should be at the top of my list, and I'm sure you know that same thing.

If I didn't think that taking better care of myself should be a priority, I'd never pick up a book about wellness in the first place. I don't need to read about why taking care of myself is important. What I need are practical tips for improving my state of wellness that I can easily fit in my already overcrowded schedule.

That's why this book is so great! It's filled with easy to read, simple to follow tips that I can read in less than a minute. The author knows her stuff - she's widely recognized as an expert in her field. She has taken her years of experience and knowledge about nutrition, and translated her expertise into practical tips that any busy person can read, understand, and adopt.

While I'd like to say that I immediately memorized every tip in this book and quickly adopted them all, I'd be fibbing ... and I'm sure you wouldn't believe me. What I can say is that in just a few minutes of reading, I picked up some pointers that are going to help me make better nutritional choices, one at a time, until making the right decision becomes a habit.

I didn't get to the point where I need a wellness book overnight, and I'm not going to become a paragon of proper nutrition and well being in an instant either. However, armed with this book and my willingness to begin adopting the sound tips and advice spelled out within it, I have the tools I need to start making the right decisions today. Not when I finish reading some huge book that will gather dust on my nightstand, but right away!

About the Author

Deborah Enos is a Certified Nutritionist who is referred to by the nickname, "The One Minute Wellness Coach". Enos coaches individuals and organizations on matters related to wellness. She has been working with clients for two decades, helping them improve their overall state of wellness.

PS - If you can't tell ... I recommend Weight a Minute! wholeheartedly. If you've read the book, I'd love to hear what you think. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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