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Your Face Never Lies: A Review of Michio Kushi's Book

Updated on November 13, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' author who learned heaps as a wellness coordinator. She loves to share healthy tidbits with her readers.

Your Face Never Lies, So You Don't Need to Walk Around with a Mask.
Your Face Never Lies, So You Don't Need to Walk Around with a Mask.

Have You Examined Your Face in a Mirror Lately?

Do you see lines, puffiness or redness in your visage? Are your eyes, droopy, bloodshot or yellow? Are our lips swollen? These are the questions expert Eastern Diagnostician Michio Kushi poses in his controversial book: Your Face Never Lies, What Your Face Reveals About You and Your Health: An Introduction to Oriental Diagnosis.

Have you ever thought your face could give telltale signs about the overall status of your health? According to Asian Medicine, the general state of your nervous system, heart, sexual organs, lungs, and stomach are written all over your visage, how interesting!

Michio Kushi exposes the course of treating major health systems in eating vegetarian foods through facial examination. He contradicts the modern evasive techniques used in Western Societies to treat disease. A gentle educative approach to healing over time with a “macrobiotics” diet is a hundred times better than the invasive medication consumption of the west that constantly generates undesirable side effects with additional health dilemmas.

If the Sides of Your Nose Are Red, Then Your Spleen Is Affected

Simply by checking your face in a mirror, you should be capable to discover heaps regarding the status of your health and execute simple changes in your diet to experience preventative medicine in your life.

Are the bony ridges above your eyes and the outside edge of your ear red, with the sides of your nose bridge greenish in color? This could indicate a spleen problem chiefly if your tonsils are not present, and were removed at a youthful age.

Your physical structure will absorb more stress every time you ingest sugar, chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs since the spleen and tonsils are a cleansing organ of your blood. With your tonsils removed, your spleen must work harder. Nevertheless, by balancing your intake of Yin and Yang foods you can find rest, and reduce your toxic shock from the over-consumption of chemicals.

A Macrobiotic Diet Will Help Correct Imbalances in Your Body

Michio Kushi defines Yin and Yang to classify the state of your organs. He defines a balance that's achieved through eating certain nutrients in “macrobiotics.” Yin and Yang are opposed, and in symmetry with each other too. They produce an inner force of strength or weakness within you. Thus, there is a real point in time when Yang becomes Yin, and your appointed death unfortunately arises.

Yin foods grow upward and out, are cold and of the color purple, blue and green. They are grown mostly during the summer months. Yang foods are of an animal nature and are of a root vegetable type of colors yellow, orange and red. Concentrated, and mostly cold, they grow in and down. These foods taste better when cooked and eaten warm.

It's important to be mindful of your personal healthcare needs, and learn how to unwrap and eat a proper diet tailored for the balance of Yin and Yang forces within you. This will help to prolong your life.

Furthermore, Michio Kushi advises you to check your skin color.

The Significance of Skin Color

A reddish skin tone indicates your capillaries are expanding, and your heart is being overworked from too much consumption of animal foods and salt. However, blushing is healthy and typical.

A brownish skin tone from too many tanning sessions and freckles can create havoc within. This can happen when you've eaten too many foods containing MSG, with white rice and redundant salt.

A yellowish skin tone indicates problems with your liver, pancreas, and gallbladder from excess bile. By eliminating animal protein, salt, and overly yang food groups and replacing them with more vegetables you'll be able to correct this condition.

A greenish skin tone is usually an indication of a cancer problem. You can observe this by examining the sides of your face for lung cancer, or the back of your hand between the thumb and index finger for intestinal cancer.

A purplish skin tone is an indication you're consuming too much-refined sugar, chilled drinks, ice cream and soft drinks. This can lead to high blood pressure and blue skin is very dangerous.

A black color appearing as spots, beauty marks or dots often indicates kidney problems caused by ingesting medications and eating cold Yin foods.

And a grayish skin tone shows a swollen liver and a depressed person who is angry.


Asian Diagnosis examines the condition of your nails for more penetration into your health, along with the pitch of your voice, and at times your handwriting. This can guide you in the order of healthy eating. It's best not to eat near bedtime and it's extremely important to chew your liquids and drink your solids.

A “macrobiotic” diet is highly advised in “Your Face Never Lies” by Michio Kushi. His optimal diet is namely composed of whole grains and beans. Eat your cooked grains throughout your meal with soup, vegetables, and fish. It's ordinarily best to end your meal with fruit. Avoid all types of animal meats for a healthy lifestyle full of "microbiological" vitality.

© 2012 Sheila Craan


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