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Books on Healthy, Happy Aging

Updated on November 7, 2013
Age Well No Matter What Age You Are Now.
Age Well No Matter What Age You Are Now.

Aging is a part of life, but it doesn't have to be a depressing part of life!

There are so many people walking around acting much older than they should be. In fact, even acting your age is uncalled for when you feel healthy and happy with your life.

There are a few reasons that this happens.

1. Buying into the stereotype that passing a certain age makes you less capable in mind and body.

2. Spending a good portion of your life treating your mind and body poorly, and they have finally caught up to the abuse. (You can reverse this)

3. Actual diseases that occur which cause you to grow old beyond your time.

These are all valid reasons to feel and act older than you are, for now, but they are not valid reasons to continue to feel and act older than you are. Not after you read the following three books and start to know better.

I have to say that disease can be debilitating, but the outcome of any disease is not determined. There may be statistics that show what tends to happen with the disease, but those are just statistics. They are not your future set in stone if you have the disease.

For example, my dad has Lupus, and he has had it for twenty years. I can tell you that the statistics say he should be immobile or dead by now, but that is not the case at all. He looks younger than people his age, and he acts younger than people his age - even with his Lupus.

Healthy, happy aging is all about opening your mind to different possibilities when it comes to health, becoming healthier, and aging well. The mind is powerful thing, and the more you learn how to have a happy, healthy life while aging, the more you will be unable to deny what you have to do to feel better, and then your life will start to head in a new direction.

Following are three books books on happy, healthy aging that I recommend you read.

Daniel G. Amen M.D - Author of Change Your Brain To Change Your Age
Daniel G. Amen M.D - Author of Change Your Brain To Change Your Age | Source

Change Your Brain To Change Your Age

If you watch PBS shows, then you have likely heard of Daniel G. Amen M.D. He is the kind of guy you want sitting next to you on a plane so that you can pick HIS brain about everything that he has seen a learned through his 30 years of experience.

He has written over 30 books, and his book Change Your Brain To Change Your Age is very relevant to the health and happiness of your now, and your future.

Dr. Amen uses brain imaging to understand and treat his patients. The brain imaging is called SPECT and it can show three different things according to Dr. Amen.

1. The areas of the brain that are working good.

2. The areas of the brain that are low in activity.

3. The ares of the brain that are high in activity.

There are many examples of brain images included in this book that will show you the direct correlation between things such as drinking and stress, and your health.

This book is full of examples how people changed their brain and, consequently, changed their health and happiness. In his examples, he shows the image of the brain in the beginning, before treatment is prescribed, and after when treatment has been followed. It is AMAZING to see the difference, to say the least. What once was a brain that looked like dented puddy, turns into a smooth looking brain. You have to see for yourself.

This book is packed with ways that you can start to improve the health of your brain, and therefore, start improving the health of the rest of your body and your happiness level as well. Brain healthy decisions, habits, and exercises that you can implement starting today are all included in this book, plus much more.

And if you think your age is an issue to changing the health of your brain, then rest assured that you are wrong. In fact, in the beginning of the book he talks about a woman who he sat next to on a plane who was seventy-six years old and wondered if it was too late to have a healthier brain. Dr. Amen's reply? - "Only if you just plan on living until you are seven-seven. If you want to live until you are ninety, then now would be a good time to start!"

If you want to learn more about him and what he does you can check out the Amen Clinics website at the link below.

Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra | Source

Grow Younger, Live Longer

Deepak Chopra, M.D. has taken health to a different level. He has written many books, all of which will help you be healthier and happier as you age. Grow younger, live longer, co-written by David Simon, M.D, is a 10 step program to help you reverse your age.

Each chapter, or step, starts off with the saying "You can reverse your biological age by..." and then goes on to explain how to put it into practice. Clear instructions in an easy to read format is what you will find in each chapter.

I find that listening to Deepak speak on his audio books is very easy. He has a slow, soothing voice that you can help but zone in on. However, sometimes in his books it can be hard to follow along with his writing in an easy to read manner. This book, however, is very easy to read and understand.

What I like about this book, and what makes it unique, is that in true Deepak fashion, it doesn't just focus on healthy eating and exercising (although there is a lot of nutrition and exercise topics in the book). Things like utilizing forgiveness, present-moment awareness, and love are included as ways to reverse your age.

I personally think that people often take a body approach to health and forget the mind-body connection and the spirit-mind-body connection, which is really needed for a balanced and happy life. This will be a book that will open your mind to new ways of looking at health.

James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D.
James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D. | Source

Anti-Aging Cures: Life Changing Secrets To Reverse The Effects Of Aging

Anti-Aging cures sounds good right? Dr. James Forsythe is a leader in the world of anti-aging, and in this book he talks about various ways to slow down and reverse the aging process. Anti-Aging Cures, is backed by evidence, and inside he even makes the bold claim "I truly do believe that the information in this book provides you with access to a fountain of youth that will make you look and feel decades younger." Okay, give it to me!

The premise of this book is that aging and many medical conditions occur because of loss of the human growth hormone, a natural hormone made by the body. In this book, you will learn all about this hormone and where it is found in nature. You will learn how to raise the level of hormone through exercise. You will learn the truth behind the myths of the human growth hormone. In short, you will learn a lot about this hormone and how it influences your health and age.

Of course this book includes other important anti-aging topics such as:

  • Nutrition, including what super foods are beneficial for anti-aging, and what foods your should avoid.
  • Why good colon health is important to your overall health, and how to get your colon into good shape.
  • How your thoughts and beliefs influence your age
  • Sleep importance
  • Detoxification
  • Supplementation

Because this book is focused around the human growth hormone, you will get a unique perspective on aging that you will not get in many other books, and even if you are someone who is suspicious about people who go outside of the box, I recommend you read this book. At the very least, you will learn a new concept about slowing down the aging process, and at the most - you will start to reverse the effects of aging that you are noticing in yourself.


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    • Relationshipc profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Thanks for the comment eHealer. Which book are you talking about? I find they are all very unique when it comes to health - at least unique to most people who do not practice holistic medicine along with conventional medicine. That's why they are so important! In my opinion, It is depressing when conventional medicine is all you have to hold on to.

      I should add, to anyone who reads this, make sure you check out their individual websites. Even if you don't read the books, you may run into some information that benefits you in some way.

    • eHealer profile image


      6 years ago from Las Vegas

      Hell RelationshipC, great hub and very inspirational, depression is the leading problem with not aging well, and is caused by many factors. Great book, and I have actually read it. It is excellent and covers many preventative factors in aging with grace. Great and voted up!


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