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Boomer blog #15 New Weight Loss Motivation

Updated on January 8, 2017

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Pirate Year
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My First Book Signing
My First Book Signing
My First Book Signing

I gained two pounds this week. It could happen to anybody.

The good thing is, I am not quitting. There was a time when the first weight gain would automatically signal defeat for me. Not this time. This time I am determined make this a part of my lifestyle; that is, I have determined that I am a thin person who is trying to come out from behind that masque of fat that I have been hiding behind ever since I can remember.

I did learn some lessons this week that will be helpful.

My first lesson this week came from a McDonald’s coupon.

I had a day when my mother and I were set to go out for dinner. I suggested that we go to McDonald’s. I had a buy one get one coupon, and mom is very frugal. I thought she would enjoy the food we got, and I was right. And for dieters, McD’s is one of the better restaurants because they offer the nutritional values of their foods without argument.

In our McDonald’s, the food values were printed on the back of the placemats that they put on the trays. My mistake was that I didn’t look at it before I ate. I got one of their salads, which was good, but I also got the caramel latte. I assumed that it would be about the same caloric value as a cappuccino, which is actually a fairly low calorie drink (if it is made the way it should be). However, when I got home and went to figure my totals for the day, I found out that the latte has almost 600 calories in it. That was way over my totals for the day.

Then there was another day that I was so busy at work that I skipped my lunch and both of my breaks. By the time I got home I was so hungry that I had a melt down in front of the refrigerator. I ate the first things that I could get my hands on. That was another mistake.

I could give up right now, but I want to succeed this time.

So I took my own advice and figured out the lessons that I should learn from this.

They are:

First, you always have to take care of yourself.

When I first joined Weight Watchers, I was only twelve years old. My parents took me in an effort to improve my eating habits. I wasn’t very interested in going at the time, so I didn’t do that well. But I did get something from going that stayed with me.

The lecturer that I had back then used to always quote this passage from the Talmud: “If I am not for myself, who will be? If I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when ?”

I didn’t acknowledge my need to eat during the day, and I paid the price for it. Who in my job was going to make me stop long enough to eat if I wasn’t going to do it? When I failed myself, I also failed my nephew, who I am trying to teach about healthy eating. I also failed anyone that loves me enough to want me to live to the full capacity of my life.

I wasn’t ready when I was 12, but I am ready right now. So I will not quit, and this lesson will be one that I have to learn.

Second, one of the greatest mistakes you can make is to assume something.

I have been one this program and many other diet programs enough times that I should know that things are not always what you think they are. I think I just wanted that latte bad enough to risk it. But I know that a hot cappuccino is usually made with fat free milk. I also know that frozen drinks are often made with ice cream. So why didn’t I look?

From now on, I will look up possible food alternatives before I go out for food. And I will check the WW website ahead of time if I know where I am going.

By the way, I think the plan to help my nephew is starting to work.

He hasn’t gained any weight, and he actually lost a pound this week. Even though it goes against what he wants, he is starting to try out new, healthier foods at least once in a while. One of his two main foods is pizza, but he let me switch over to Weight Watchers pizzas which are about half the fat and calories of the pizzas that he usually eats. And he is beginning to realize that he can’t live on French fries and potato chips.

As for me, I am not only back on program, but I have two new motivations to consider.

I have a friend that is very creative, and she knows a lot of extremely creative people. Every year, she throws the bangingest costume party at Halloween.

There is usually a theme. One year it was pirates. Last year it was video game characters. She has already announced this year’s theme. It is Carnival, Marti Gras, a good old fashioned masquerade. I am talking the kind of costumes you see when you look at movies like “Labyrinth” or “Ever After.”

There is lots of flexibility here. I could go as a mime, or a jester. But what I want to do is go in a ball gown and a mask with lots of peacock feathers.

If I go off the program, I plan to go as a poirot clown. If I stick to it and can make size 12 by the middle of October, I am going to get the dress. I always wanted the dress.

I am also planning a couple pf promotional appearances for my book.

I wrote a book a year ago, and I did some promoting then. Now I have a friend who has written his first two books, and we are planning a couple of joint book parties. It’s his first. I haven’t had any sales for awhile, plus I am almost finished my second. So we are planning to do something together to share in the expenses.

I always thought it would help me a lot to develop more of a presence for these events. Anyone that does sales knows the importance of appearance when you are presenting something. Besides, it’s a great confidence builder when you know you look your best, so this is yet another reason to work on the package I call me.

So here we are at the start of another week. I hope it goes well, but I will take whatever may come with a sense of excitement. See you on the other side!


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