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Boost Your Immune System with Atomy HemoHIM - Review

Updated on May 18, 2014

Immune system is your body's defense against both infectious disease and foreign materials. And if immune system isn't in good health, your body starts getting sick, with diseases as minor as common cold to something as serious as cancer. And for a healthy immune system, the number of immunocytes (white blood cells that eats or kills infectious diseases and foreign materials) plays a crucial role.

This article is a review of HemoHIM, a herbal extract (of Angelica radix, Chuanxiong Rhizoma, and PaeoniaenAlba Radix) supplement that boosts the number of white blood cells, hence strengthening your immune system.

Atomy HemoHIM
Atomy HemoHIM | Source

Development of HemoHIM

HemoHIM uses three main herbal ingredients grown from the peninsula of South Korea (Angelica radix, Chuanxiong Rhizoma, and PaeoniaenAlba Radix) to formulate a unique extract that increase the number of white blood cells in your body.

The research of such formulation was first started when the KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute), a government-funded research institute, began a research to develop an immune system boosting food for people dealing with radiation frequently, such as x-rays, MRI, and cancer patients who go through radiation therapy. Then the HemoHIM formula was developed. Since such formula has never existed before, its safety had to be tested before it was put in production for consumers. First, it was tested by MFDS (South Korea's equivalence of USA's FDA), and was approved for safety and its immune system boosting properties. Then it was further approved by FDA, and equivalent agencies of Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Japan for its safety and its effects of improving anticancer activity, immune response and hematopoiesis of the body, and protecting the body from oxidative damage.

FDA Certificate of HemoHIM's safety.
FDA Certificate of HemoHIM's safety.

Taste / Form

Like most herbal medicine, HemoHIM is in a liquid extract form, and has the taste of a typical herbal extract (if you ever tried one). It comes in a 20 ml packages for one time use, and the manufacturer recommends consuming 2 packets a day.


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