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Boost Your Immune System with Hypnosis

Updated on March 11, 2010

This is an actual hypnosis session designed for two purposes: 1) to explain the key aspects of the immune system in a fair amount of detail, and 2) to help create an effective visualization that can both begin to heal and help prevent sickness.

It's been proven that meditation and visualization can actually help people get better.  Add to this the subtle specific hypnosis processes and you have a strong tool for long-term health and healing.

You can record this into a tape, mp3 recorder or right into your computer (for Windows, click Start, All Programs, Accessories, Entertainment, Sound Recorder).  It should last roughly 25-30 minutes if you read with the occasional pause for the deep breath.

You don't have to get fancy and read perfectly.  As long as the listener actively goes along and visualizes what's being suggested, the results will be seen.

And so, join me as we explore and learn...

The Immune Odyssey: Visualizing and Improving Your Immune System

 You are about to embark on the most incredible journey imaginable, a journey through your own immune system.  Touching your body's healing forces with your mind, you will sense, feel, envision, a miracle.  A miracle of defense and protection.  A miracle of the billions of honorable, persistent warriors within that have but on mission: to guard you from disease and injury and invasions and to remove that which should not be there.

To appreciate fully this odyssey, which is complex as well as magnificent, it is important to clear and focus your mind, to relax your body.  The bridge between mind and body is most easily crossed when distractions are released, when a sense of peace and calm spreads warmly from the top of your head to your toes.  As you let go of any tension, your immune system is activated.

And so, before we begin, go ahead and take in a deep breath and just let yourself begin to sink into a more relaxed state.  You are going to exercise your mind by imaging interesting things.  As you do so, you open up those connections between the conscious and subconscious minds; for it is the subconscious that truly makes that which is thoroughly imagined... REAL! 

While deeply relaxed and in a state of hypnosis, people can be told that the room is getting colder and colder, and their bodies respond with literally making goosebumps on the skin.  They can then be told that the room is very hot, and their bodies produce sweat.  With the subconscious, the imagined becomes real.  And when YOU envision and allow yourself to enjoy the deepest state of relaxation, your conscious, thinking, rationalizing mind bridges that gap to the subconscious.  And when this is done, magnificent things can happen.

And so... enjoy, experience, envision... make the imagination real!

As your mind becomes clearer and clearer, feel it becoming more and more alert.  Somewhere deep inside of you, a brilliant light begins to glow.  Sense this happening.  The light grows brighter and more intense...  This is your bodymind communication center.  Breathe into it...  Energize it with your breath.  The light is powerful and penetrating, and a beam begins to grow from it.  The beam shines into your body into any area you wish.  It is your searchlight, your bridge into the glorious mysteries about to unfold.  Practice shining it into your body.  Sometimes this is easier to do than other times.  Just allow it to happen.

The immune journey begins deep inside your bones.  So that this most intelligent beam of light and shine it into a long bone... a leg bone, perhaps.  Penetrate deeply into the marrow.  There is the birthing center for all of your blood cells. 

Just imagine if you can, feel if you can, billions of young cells being born... many kinds, each with a task to nurture and protect you.  As you go through the exercise, focus on a few types of cells which are vital in your defense.  They have names: Neutrophils, Macrophages, T-cells, B-cells, and Natural Killer cells.  One by one, we'll shine the light on them, watching them work to guard and protect and to remove all invaders, and all old and discarded cells which no longer serve you.

The most numerous cells are the neutrophils.  They eat and engulf the invaders in a most ingenious way.  Imagine them maturing, moving into your bloodstream, floating, ever alert for a call to work in your defense.  As a call warns them of an invader, they look exceedingly alert.  No longer swimming freely, millions, billions of them sense the danger and more methodically, directly, preparing for attack.

The blood vessels become sticky, attracting the neutrophils to their surfaces.  The small openings in the blood vessels' walls dilate as the neutrophils extend a small foot through, and changing shape, they slither through to the tissues that need defense.  Surrounding the invader, they shoot caustic chemicals into it, wearing the enemy thin, halting it, destroying it.  The invader may even explode into harmless bits.

Take a moment now, breathe in deeply, and imagine this happening.  And you should know that sometimes your mind will create vivid images of all that's happening and other times, you may just get a sense of something happening.  Please know that what you INTEND, what you EXPECT visually, will happen in the curious areas of the subconscious. 

So, imagine now, the neutrophils floating through your system, coming to the call, moving through the tissues, surrounding the invader, halting it, destroying it, exploding it into harmless bits...

Now, shine the beam of light back into this bone marrow... Imagine the macrophages, the giant eaters.  Some of them have lived in  your body eight or more years, learning every nook and crevice, knowing you, loving you, growing with you.  As they mature, watch them move into tissues and organs and blood, lining the walls of our lungs and liver, waiting, watching, ever ready... 

Bacteria, viruses, yeast cells, even cancer cells trigger their alarm.  As the warning of an invader sounds, they swell up, becoming large and powerful, connecting with each other, moving in a flank.  Watch as they approach an invader, reach out, lasso it with their armlike extensions and inject it with potent enzymes.  They will digest anything and everything in your body that you no longer have any use for.  If you are dealing with a particular invader, imagine the macrophage taking a piece of it, holding it up like a flag for the rest of the immune system to see, and then eating it with great pleasure and satisfaction.  Serious or humorous, it doesn't matter.  Just enjoy the first things that come to mind as you spend time with these images now...

The lymphocytes, the T-cells, and the B-cells all have special assignments within you -- perhaps a virus, a bacterium, or a cancer cell.  Let's imagine these cells in action.

Shining the beam into the bone marrow, observe the T-cells being born.  Millions -- more than you can possibly count -- move from infancy to adolescence each minute.  The T-cells will be given a special task as they are processed in your thymus gland.  Shine your imaginary light into the middle of your chest, right near your heart...

Here you find the thymus gland.  Feel it pulsing with energy -- touching each adolescent T-cell with intelligence and a mission on your behalf.  Some will be killers, assassins with a single target.  Others will be helpers for your B-cells.  While still others will be suppressors, signaling that the battle is over.

Imagine these -- the killers, the helpers, the suppressors --  maturing quickly and with glorious specificity in your thymus.  When each has been imprinted with specific knowledge as to just what is truly a necessary part of YOU, it leaves the thymus to go about its assignment.  They will keep a wakeful vigil in your lymph nodes, your spleen - near your stomach, and other lymph tissue, searching for those cells which do not have the proper markings, those not "you" or those harboring viruses, and destroys them.  The helpers and the suppressors help the killers determine exactly which cells need to be destroyed.

It's almost like the killer T-cells are the Marines, ever-vigilant and ready to attack at the slightest command from the Sergeant, the helper, while the suppressor, sort of the like the psychologist, keeps the killer cell focused on the bad, directing him away from the good and necessary, no matter how close in proximity.

Take a moment and think of this for a time...

Back in the bone marrow once again, the B-cells are highlighted by the beam.  They mature and move into the lymph tissues and blood, waiting for the encounter.  Each has a specific enemy to protect you from.  They can wait patiently for years, patrolling, waiting, and watching.  When the encounter finally takes place, the B-cells change, like cocoons into butterflies, becoming plasma cells.  The plasma cells manufacture magic bullets, the proteins called antibodies.  Each antibody is like a guided missile with Velcro-like extensions that come out -- it moves directly for its target and hooks onto it, silently making its tangled connection.  The enemy is paralyzed, and its surface is damaged.  Other chemicals come out of the missile and burn holes in the wall of the enemy, causing an explosion.  The B-cells also clone themselves, creating whatever number of themselves is needed to do pure and perfect battle in your defense for as many targets as are found.

Take in a deep breath and imagine this...

Before you end this exercise, review the immune process once more, sensing all the immune cells working in a superbly coordinated team of defense.  In the bone marrow, billions of cells are being born each minute, in exactly the numbers and combinations you need to stay healthy.  As the white blood cells mature, each develops a remarkable intelligence.  Each has a dedicated task.  Witness them moving out of the bone marrow, into the blood and tissues, throughout the lymphatic fluids, watching and waiting for the opportunity to protect and cleanse you. 

Feel the presence of these magnificent guardians, and sense their power.  These dedicated warriors, this system of defense has a universe of its own -- that universe is YOU.  By relaxing, as you have just done, by breathing in, and concentrating on this process, you have actively participated in keeping yourself healthy and, especially, by improving your health.

Remember, to the subconscious mind, there is no difference between the real and the imagined.  Give yourself that time at least once, maybe even several times a day, to envision this splendid army of defenders.  Start with the breath, then the beam of light.  Let your intuition guide you to just those spots of your body and watch and enjoy, in your minds eye, the millions of intelligent entities working together to dissipate and cleanse.

And now, with all of this in mind, go ahead and take in a deep breath...  I’d like you to let yourself rest even a little more deeply.  And take this experience of comfort, deeply inside you, and really appreciate, for the moment, how well you’re feeling.  Be aware of the enthusiasm that you feel, and the anticipation.  And someday, maybe three, maybe six months from now, you may be quite surprised at how much more easily the days have gone than you thought they would.

Take a few slow, energizing breaths, and as you come back to full awareness, know that whatever is right for you at this point in your life is unfolding just as it should.

And now, as you slowly return back into the room, know that you can return only as slowly as your conscious and subconscious minds can create a mechanism for you, a mechanism that strengthens that connection between those two parts, so that the positively imagined can become more and more real with practice.  Taking all the time that you need...  When your eyes open, you will become wide awake, feeling fine and in perfect health… possibly feeling better than ever before… feeling perhaps as if you’ve just received a deep, peaceful, relaxing, revitalizing sleep. 

… taking all the time you need to return fully alert with a gentle smile.

And this is so.


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