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Boost Your Metabolism & Lose Weight

Updated on December 6, 2011

Boosting Metabolic Rate

Research shows that boosting the metabolism might lead to increased weight loss in many individuals.  Everyone goes about their day while the metabolism process is working steadily. Metabolism is a fascinating health process that works silently to create new cells in the body for energy. This energy keeps our body active and gives it go power. In other words we burn these new cells for energy.Those who have ever gone on a diet know about calorie counting.  Dieters keep close tabs on the calories consumed while on the diet. These calories are units of energy. The body either converts these calories to energy or stores away excess calories.

Now,  it is clear to see that calories, energy, metabolism, are all working together. Excess energy that is found in the body forces the body to turn all that excess energy into new cells. Those excess cells turn into stored fat and might lead to weight gain.

Boosting the Metabolism
Here is how to quickly boost your metabolism:

1. Start Exercise Program
2. Lifestyle Changes
3. Eat Healthy

Exercise- Exercise burns calories and  the key benefit is that the exercise also boost the metabolism.  Experts suggest starting an Aerobics program with your doctors approval. Aerobics exercise increase heart rate, blood circulation, body temperature, and oxygen intake which leads to the body burning up more energy.

Lifestyle Change - Change eating habits. Select more low calorie foods. Reduce snacking on sugary foods or drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol and sugary drinks forces the body to turn all those excess stored calories to FAT.  And stop those late nights. Get more sleep. Sleepless nights leads to digestive problems which leads to weight gain.

Eat Healthy - Eat healthy and avoid crash diets. Severe diets place the body in proect mode. The body senses less calories and slows down the metabolism to save calories and protect the body from starvation. Instead, consult your doctor to determine the amount of calories required to lose weight healthily without starving.


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