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Updated on May 16, 2015

How to increase self-confidence

When we start believing in ourselves our self-confidence level begins to surge. Gradually we begin to realize power of self-confidence through achieving our desired outcomes. Our high self-confidence level helps us in making critical decisions. Performances of a student in examination hall, a player on the field or a soldier in the battle field would depend upon their individual self-confidence levels. And their self confidence levels would be directly proportionate to their hard works put in by them before the events. Self-confidence is not an external force but it comes from within. If our thoughts are good and get transformed into positive actions promptly, it will generate lots of self-confidence in to us.

Self-confidence can make possible all incredible looking like tasks too. Your motto should be good. If you are proceeding on the right path with adequate vigor no one can stop you in getting success. Take example of any great man and you will find that it was the extra ordinary courage and rock-solid self-confidence that made a difference in life of that person. Swami Vivekananda said “You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself”. So start believing in yourself. A person equipped with high self-esteem and self-confidence can get over adversity in the most effective way.

Honesty and sincerity in efforts generate a lot of positive energy that gives immense confidence to succeed. We must have a positive mindset. Even in the utmost difficult situations we should not give up the hopes. We need to believe that we have been bestowed by almighty those all adequate strengths that will help us to get over even the worst phases. Even in the face of adversity if we mull over to find the probable solutions indeed we can find them. Patience happens to be vital while getting over odd situations in life, so never lose the patience!

Draw inspirations from your past experiences. Reminiscence your victory moments, when you did a very courageous and almost impossible looking-like task. Get self-motivated. Make determination that you will get more such victorious achievements in future too through your meticulous planning, hard work and dedication. Motivate others too and share your past success stories. Always put plenty of hard work in to get success, remember it, practice makes a man perfect. So always work hard just not only for the completion but to get perfection as well.

Self-confidence plays crucial role in everybody’s life. It determines the success. There is no substitute for hard work in life and this gives the immense confidence to proceed. Never let any kind of fear come to your mind. Enhance the consciousness of your brain; more you bring consciousness to your brain lesser the possibility become of any fear or negative thoughts to come to your mind. Never give up in life, instead have the guts to overcome all flaws so as to get successful. Here are some points needed to be implemented in order to increase self-confidence.

  1. Work on your strong points and positive things.
  2. Do away with the negative thoughts.
  3. Never compare yourself with others instead think about to make further improvements in yourself.
  4. Be helpful to others. Helping others give happiness and bring positivism that will boost self-confidence.
  5. Never get disappointed. After every outcome, always have thought- “Everything happens for the best”.
  6. Increase your efficiency while completing tasks. Be disciplined. That all boost self-confidence.
  7. Never keep any kind of ill will about anyone in the world.
  8. Be mentally and physically strong. Do exercise and mediation on daily basis.
  9. Yoga and meditation are vital; make a daily rock-solid early morning schedule to do them.
  10. Learn to control your emotions and never let any negative aspect come into your mind.
  11. Try to get rid of the company of pessimist people. Be careful while choosing friends.
  12. Learn to handle all sort of people around you, never let anybody to spread negativity around you.
  13. Learn to respect people and you will be rewarded with respect in turn that will boost self-confidence.
  14. Nurture positive thoughts always, this practice will prove instrumental in boosting self-confidence.
  15. Read the life stories or biographies of great men and women to learn from their lives.
  16. Strengthen your will-power by getting rid of your all bad habits one by one.
  17. Before going to bed sit alone and think over all your activities and behavior during the day, identify the one which you should have not done. Determine that you will not repeat this mistake in future.
  18. Improve your inter-personal skills with valuing good relations with others.
  19. A ray of hope will kill cynicism, so always be optimistic!


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