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Botox Treatment from Nature

Updated on September 11, 2012

Eat Your Way to Beautiful Skin.

Buying skin products can be very expensive and some work but some just hurt your skin if you chose the wrong product. every woman want a wrinkle free skin which is a number of products for them to work for example; treatment of wrinkles you to buy day cream , night cream, eye cream or face lifting cream. The list is endless these products cost about half a thousand or a thousand dollars/rands/Euros. Some foods in the food market might be able to do the trick such as red peppers and blueberries and many more.

Botox Treatment from Nature

Botox from nature is food in fruits and vegetables that mostly contain vitamin C such as:


Spinach- is rich in vitamin c and eating spinach regularly it will help with increasing the production of collagen in your body.

Red peppers - contain vitamin C that helps improve collagen for a beautiful healthy skin.

Garlic – contains sulphur which is good in the production of collagen and mostly garlic is a natural wrinkle remedy.


Blueberries- contain phytonutrients they are useful with collagen fibers by connecting them together and strengthening the body to manufacture collagen

Apple- the water in apples keeps the skin healthy, the fibre helps regulate your digestion when you have good digestion it reflects on your skin. So an apple a day not only does it make you healthy your skin will love it and thank you for it. Apples have high content of water, fibre and vitamins.

Apricot- retains the elasticity of the skin and keeps premature aging sings at bay all because it contains vitamin C.

Kiwi- contains lots of water-soluble vitamin C, which is essential to produce collagen and slow the appearance of aging. The seeds also contain omega-3, which also slows the physical appearance of aging.

After writing this, I have realised that I do not eat vegetables and fruits a year goes by without touching an apple I personally do not like apples but I have to start eating some to improve my skin condition I guess no pain no gain.


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