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Bottled Water Purity

Updated on June 2, 2010

Bottled Water & Your Health

What do you know about bottled water? Are you one of those that believes that bottled water is the best drinking water? If so, allow me to share some facts about bottled water.

What do you know about bottled water?

I don't pretend to be the one who knows everything about this topic, but I do believe that I know a little bit about it, so, allow me to share my opinion about facts and myths on bottled water.

Lately, all you hear about is the word "green" to protect the environment and, even though, there's a crescent number of companies embracing the idea, the fact to the matter is that, just a small percentage of those companies are really investing in real technologies to make such change and, an industry that is a perfect example of not doing so, it's the bottled water industry.

Thinking about bottled water, what is bottled water?

There is no doubt that the fever for bottled water became predominant during the turn of the century, people became more and more concious about taking care of their health, in becoming more fit and so on, so, major organizations, such as: Coca Cola, Pespi among others, noticed the opportunity of banking huge amount of money in such imerging market and, banked they did.

The bottled water industry is a multi billion dollar industry and, with the growth of such a capital market, hundreds or even thousands of companies were born. You know the law of supply and demand? Well, that is exactly what happened to the water industry.

Why such a huge demand for bottled water? Don't we get pure water from every tap of our homes faucets?

Well, as the bottled water became more and more popular, so, increased the marketing propaganda that promised water bottle to be a safer and more pure water than our tap water and, with the new milenium health mentality, we want to take better care of our body, our health, so, bottled water eventually became the solution for our problem, so, people began buying more and more water bottled.

Do we get pure water from every tap of our faucets?

Honestly, tap water is not as safe as we want to believe, the fact is that, most water treatment centers will treat the water until meets the governmental standard considered of safe usage by humans.

Tap water has more contaminants, harmful minerals than we really realize and, if you want a proof of that, please, check your faucets, showers, toilets,and so on, you will see signs of deterioration which is cause by calcium buildups.

So, if tap water damage your home's plumbing fixtures, don't you think that slowly will also cause harm to your personal health?


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