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Bracelet Buddy - The Helping Hand Disability And Arthritis Aid

Updated on June 28, 2012
The Bracelet Buddy in action
The Bracelet Buddy in action

Bracelet Buddy is one of the most helpful aids for arthritis and disability sufferers who struggle with simple, everyday tasks. Arthritis is no respecter of age and can strike anyone from the young to the elderly. For others who due to some form of disability, accident or deformity the easy things able bodied people take for granted can be a constant battle.

If you suffer any kind of condition be it arthritis or a disability even small everyday tasks that require finger dexterity can seem impossible. If most people wrestle and struggle to hold and fasten a fiddly watch strap or piece of jewellery then the less able bodies among us can find those tasks distressing.

Wouldn't life be great if just a simple little gadget came along that can take all the agonising struggle out of a simple job such fastening a bracelet or watch strap? Guess what - IT HAS and it is called the BRACELET BUDDY.

I have to come clean - I am a big fan of gadgets much to the despair of my wife who has to endure my latest plaything. However in my defence some of the said gadgets are extremely helpful. My other half does suffer excruciating and disabling arthritis particularly in her hands. We have bought numerous items that have proved to be helpful in many everyday tasks; things like jar openers and various handle grips.

This latest find, the Bracelet Buddy would I guess be considered a gadget mainly for the ladies to fasten bracelets. However the clothes peg shaped end is ably suitable to secure the buckle of a wristwatch while the user threads the tongue end through it. As useful aids go I think this is a winner not just for any disabled person or arthritis sufferer but anyone can make use of it for fastening anything around the wrist.

The Bracelet Buddy is small enough and light enough to slip unobtrusively into a purse, handbag or pocket and be ready for use whenever you need it. No more struggling when you have your best buddy with you at all times.

Science Purchase Bracelet Buddy
Science Purchase Bracelet Buddy



Here are the fuller details of the Bracelet Buddy.

  • Bracelet Buddy secures one end of your bracelet, allowing your free hand to wrap the bracelet around your wrist and easily fasten

  • Dimensions: Approx. 7 inches long x 1/2 inch wide

  • Attractive ornate design finished in lustrous gold tone

  • State of the art polymer grip that is tough but non damaging to delicate jewellery

  • Complete with handy travelling case and instructions.

The device is a real aid to the fiddly job of fastening jewellry and it is not just for the disabled. Anyone who has endured the frustration of jewellry clasps or watchstraps will be amazed at the transformation and ease this handy gadget brings.

For the perfect gift for a loved one buy a Bracelet Buddy today.

Arthritic hands


About arthritis

Mother nature was very thoughtful when She invented animals including humans. Bone joints are equipped with soft cartilage tissue on the ends of the bones within joints. This function allows free, sleek movement of said joints, that is until something goes wrong. Accident and injury aside, one of the major failures to this amazing mechanism is arthritis.

Millions of people suffer this disabling medical problem, (Including your author; years of karate, marathon running and working as a professional carpet layer have taken their toll on the old knee bones) Age isn't a factor either. Although many think arthritis is a condition usually developed in old age anyone from babies upward can suffer with it. The type of arthritis you have can be due to your age.

There are many types of this illness, in fact more than a hundred forms of it. Age can sometimes be factor because as we grow older our bodies experience wear and tear. That useful cartilage covering on the ends of joint bones deteriorates and can wear away revealing bare bone. The act of movement is no longer smooth and sleek but grinding. Inevitably this will cause damage and not surprisingly substantial pain.

For me personally, from all the past years working on my knees fitting floor coverings and covering many hundreds of miles training for and running marathons my old creaking knee joints are painful and at some point will probably have to be replaced.

This 'wear and tear' kind of arthritis is known as osteoarthritis. It is one of the two major forms of the condition. The other best known type is rheumatoid arthritis. This is an altogether different type. Although it too is an inflammation of the joints, it occurs because of an underlying medical condition such as autoimmune disease.

In rheumatoid arthritis the linings within joints as well as surrounding tissue become inflamed and tender. This leads to swollen,stiff and usually very painful joints in areas such as the neck, knees, ankles, feet, elbows, wrists and hands including fingers.

As for treatments for arthritis there are numerous remedies although the condition is, with the exception of some mild forms, incurable. Commonly pain killers, exercise, diet and/or lifestyle changes are used. Replacing badly damaged joints with artificial ones is quite normal now however, the kind of treatment offered and the best suited is very dependent of the type of illness you have.


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