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Braces Colors - Which ones right for you?

Updated on August 17, 2014
Pink braces are a very popular choice for girls.
Pink braces are a very popular choice for girls.

In this hub your going to learn everything there is to know about dental braces including what they are, why there used, how much they cost, what colors they come in and what would be best for you.

There will also be some hints and tips along the way to help you take care of your braces, how to keep them clean and even a braces food list of what you can and can't eat while your braces are fitted.

What are Braces?

Dental braces simply put are a device that is fitted within a patients mouth to their teeth in order to make them straight, they can really work wonder and the braces before and after photos are amazing.

The most common braces are stainless steel wire, these are most widely used throughout the world and don't really differ that much apart from some of them having titanium parts along with the stainless steel but these are quite rare.

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Nice color mix - pink and green
Nice color mix - pink and green
Rainbow braces are catching on pretty fast.
Rainbow braces are catching on pretty fast.

What Colors Braces Are There

There are literally an endless amount of colors that can be used in braces these days which is great for people to match them to their personal needs.

Here are some of the most popular braces colors,

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Clear
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Sky Blue
  • White
  • Rainbow

That is just a fraction of the colors that are available, you can get many different shades either side of these main base colors.

Boy with braces
Boy with braces

Braces Colors for Boys

Boys tend not to be too adventurous when it comes to their braces colors, this means they stick to the safe colors like blue, green and red. These seem pretty plain but they really are safe color choices for boys.

Girl with braces
Girl with braces

Braces Colors for Girls

Braces for girls are a lot easier and 10 times more has to be said they can pull many different colors off very well.

Some of the best colors for girls are pink, purple, red, yellow and baby blue.

Creative Coloring

Some people these days are starting to become a little creative when it comes to picking their colors, for instance using the colors of their favourite sports team or of their school/college.

This is a pretty cool idea that you should think about when deciding on your own colors, just don't chose a passing fashion as they come and go and your still stuck with them.

There are a lot of girls also going with the rainbow look which to be honest looks really cool.

Colors to Avoid

There are some colors that you really should stay way from and they really don't look good on anyone.

Clear braces tend to show bits of chewed food & dirt and they really aren't that easy to keep clean and let's be honest that is not a nice look on anyone now is it.

White braces should also be thought about twice, they tend to stain very easy and go a slight tinge of yellow like smokers teeth do, again this doesn't look good.

Which do you prefer?

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What Color Braces Have You Got?

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    • profile image

      Monk 5 months ago

      Pink and blue

    • profile image

      yamilay etienne 5 months ago

      I have an appointment with the orthodontist July 12th and I am between dark green or red for my braces.

    • profile image

      Bw 6 months ago

      Does teal/baby blue and black sound like a good color combination.

    • profile image

      Halle 7 months ago

      Tuesday I am getting my braces and still don't know what color to get

    • profile image

      Kelcee Leary 10 months ago

      I still try to decide i really like sky blue and pink so i dont know yet

    • profile image

      Delaney 17 months ago

      I got a color called coral and another one called aqua.

    • profile image

      Allie d 23 months ago

      I have to get braces but I have to lose my last baby tooth. I feel like I'm going to look weird when I get them on.

    • profile image

      Katrina Ramos 4 years ago

      I love pink so much! I will like pink forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever for the rest of my life! I will get pink braces!

    • profile image

      aubrey 5 years ago

      I had pink andlight blue. They looked GREAT! Ina blonde and those colors go ver well.with blonde hair.

    • profile image

      Re re 5 years ago

      Getting braces on Monday not sure what color I should get I have brown hair and hazel eyes can you help me out

    • profile image

      Emily 5 years ago

      I need braces but I can't get them until I lose my last baby teeth

    • profile image

      dunkinonyoahh 5 years ago

      i like french fries

    • darran360 profile image

      darran360 5 years ago

      I've seen pink and blue before and they look pretty cool and very suiting, make sure you ask what your orthodontist thinks but im sure they will look great :-)

    • profile image

      Danille Nicole 5 years ago

      I'm going 2 have braces tomorrow, but I dan't know what color 2 choose. I don't mind if it hurts. The important thing is its worth it. So for me, I think I would love Pink and Sky Blue. Does that work??

    • darran360 profile image

      darran360 5 years ago

      Hey Jasmine,

      That sounds like a great color combination! Yer I know they can hurt/ache but hope they settle down after a day or two.

    • profile image

      Jasmine 5 years ago

      I got my braces on today and I got midnight glow and silver :) I love them but they hurt