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Braiders Of The washed Ash Gray.

Updated on January 13, 2010

Braiders Of The Washed Ash Gray.>>><<<

Two old

friends gathered
and wove history

in her hair
much in the

same way as when
she was but

a young girl
with such

blush in her cheeks
and a fiery

lust for living.

Her pale face

now but a shadow of
what they all grew up with
and loved so dearly till
death had finally

taken her vitality
and left only

a shell to mourn
over the emptiness within.

So they tenderly with
wrinkled, and skilled hands
braided the freshly

washed ash gray
of her long tresses,
and finger painted
a facsimile of life upon
the near skeletal face of
their dearest

departed friend,
while they waited

for the hearse
to carry her to

the grave of her

dear husband,

a place so  familiar

and yet still so strange.




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