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Brain Boosting Smart Drugs for Everyone

Updated on April 6, 2016

Expanding our brain's capacities through Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine (STEM) fields is not something revolutionary – it has been prevalent throughout human evolution, deeply seeded in our ancestry. The field of “biohacking” – the new-age science of altering our biology – might well be the next steam engine that will drive human cognition forward towards new frontiers.

Our analysis reviewed the effects of the “Smart Drug" modafinil, and has found a positive relationship in that the drug improves the brain's performance for high-order cognitive tasks. This means that modafinil, (trading as Provigil in the United States), can be considered a “neuroenhancement agent”. The implications of its potential warrant a serious discussion, because it has a potential to improve the way we think, and is worthy of an analysis on its social reprecussions.

Modafinil is a stimulant, licensed by the Food and Drug Administration to increase wakefulness in people with sleeping disorders. This suggests that that its safety by way of oral administration in human adults is confirmed in clinical studies over extended periods of time. In these individuals, modafinil intake improved test performance scores, helping participants to excel in controlled tests. In the United States, modafinil is a controlled substance, but one can always look towards online modafinil sellers to procure authentic supplies.

Essentially, the scope of our research was confined that usage of modafinil in healthy adults. Over the multiple studies we reviewed dating back to 1990, modafinil intake appeared to also be able to improve “higher” psycho-feature functions such as critical thinking and creative expression. This improvement was most pronounced in areas like learning and working memory where subjects were asked to combine multiple tasks.

The methodology for our study is as such: First, we procured a variety of studies that targeted healthy individuals with no sleeping disorders, given dosages of modafinil – around thirty participants per study, on average. Second, we narrowed the studies to those which included a measure of cognitive testing on the subject. Lastly, we compared the outcomes of each study to draw an overall opinion.

We found that in clinically controlled environments, the use of modafinil for psychological improvement is safe and effective – echoing the opinion of the vast majority of the studies which have conducted their independent clinical research studies.There is a robust case to this assessment using classical scientific approaches, with improved testing regimes: including bigger participant pools, prolonged administration periods, and measurement of physiological changes and variations regarding a person’s age.

Even the Scientific American has concluded that modafinil has properties to qualify as a safe drug for brain performance enhancement. Despite modafinil not being chemically harmful, there is a potential for abuse: Dependence, Overdosage and regulatory risks are all significant concerns when deciding to adopt the drug mainstream. However, these issues are considerably light in the broader perspective of its potential benefits on society as a whole. There remains much more to be discussed, and hopefully one day we can break new ground in the cognitive development of humans by unlocking potential through smart drugs.


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