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Brain Tumor Recovery

Updated on December 11, 2014

My Recovery Experience

I was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor on Nov. 23 By Nov. 25 I was in and out of surgery. The next few days I spent researching or attempting to research recovery times and the experiences others had after their brain surgery. I believe after 2 das I found 2 blogs regarding my situation so there was very little to base my experience off of. So here I am sharing my experience with the world in hopes to help others that are having the same issues!!

Brain Tumor Discovery and Removal

This was a short and long process for me at the same time. Everything started a few months into my 6th pregnancy with the left side of my face going numb randomly. No tests were ran the issues were blamed on the babies position and migraines. On Oct 22 I had an episode of what we thought to be a TIA stroke, my tongue began moving involuntarily and I couldn't talk. I could barely breath and lost control of the left side of my body. I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance only to have a CT scan and have the ER doctor tell me I was fine that it was a symptom of a migraine and I was just having a bad day.

I literally spent the next 3 weeks barely able to get out of bed and afraid that it would happen again with me alone at the house with the children. On November 22 I went to sleep and woke up an hour later having another episode. My husband rushed me to the hospital, which is were I began losing my site. After running blood work and test and another CT scan the ER doctor came in to tell me that it was not a stroke however I had a 5cm tumor in my brain pushing my entire brain to the left. I was later rushed to a larger hospital for surgery to get it out of my head. Within 2 days the tumor was removed and a day later I was back home.

I do not remember much form the hospital just bits and pieces however once home I was unable to leave the bed for a week other than to go to the restroom with assistance. My face and left arm was still going numb and I returned to the hospital to ensure this was normal and thankfully it was there would be a long recovery process before my brain realigned itself.

Its been 15 days since the surgery and with taking my steroids, anxiety medicine, seizure medicine, and zantac I am feeling much better and I am able to move around a lot more for short periods of time without much assistance. The staple removal process was extremely painful and has caused my tongue to go numb again intermittently. There is no such thing as pain medicine at least not for me, the doctors gave me Tylenol 3's for the pain and they don't help at all, my complicated migraines are much more painful now then they previously were. However I am grateful to be alive and able to be with my children on Christmas.

I believe I have covered everything that I have experienced however if you have any questions please feel free to ask. It is a scary process and having someone to talk to about what you are experiencing is very helpful. If your body is doing something that it has never done don't be afraid to speak up you have to be your own advocate otherwise nothing will get done.


Be your own advocate if you feel as though your body is doing something it shouldn't be doing do not give up continue to search for answers through doctors and specialists until you find out what is happening it could save our life.

Recovery Process

There are many different expected times to heal properly when recovering form brain surgery, everyone heals differently and don't be discouraged. It does take a long time to heal and it is frustrating and annoying especially if you are a very active person, having to lay in bed for days on end tends to drive you crazy. I still read a lot and play a few games online, while not sleeping keep yourself as busy as possible as much as your body will allow!


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